Deb M Dutta

Content Strategist & Content Writer (and more)

My full name is Debashri Mishel Dutta. I go by Deb because it’s easier for international audiences and clients. I help businesses grow with thought leadership posts and SEO-powered blog posts. (And more!)


Media & Clients

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Get to know me


Are you looking to take your content to the next level? Look no further. With decades of love for literature and a robust educational background that includes a Master’s in International Business and a Bachelor’s in Marketing, I am uniquely qualified to help my clients with their content needs. Not to mention, I have close to a decade of digital marketing and content experience to help you.

The magic of words


There’s something magical about seeing people’s eyes light up when you say or write the right words. It’s powerful when you can bridge a gap between businesses and their audience with the perfectly chosen arrangement of sounds. And it’s not about marketing and psychological tactics. It’s about telling a brand’s story with the most powerful tool there the truth. And that’s what I care about.

Other things about me you should know


I believe constant learning is essential. I read books, listen to audiobook, and do online courses. All. The. Time. I am also incredibly passionate about self-help and personal development, exploring them from neuroscientific and spiritual perspectives. I also do watercolor painting and am currently building some data analysis skills. I also have extensive experience working with international clients.

Work with me to meet your content needs!


You have important things to do. And while you need to create high-quality content, you can’t put in the time. And that’s where I come in. With my excellent language skills and understanding of how to appeal to audiences, I can help you grow your business with content.

Work with me and you’ll get a complete content marketing strategy to grow your customer base. I’ll help you create content for every stage of your customer journey. Need a content marketing manager to grow your business? I’m your gal. So, get in touch!

Education, work experience, and international exposure


While I loved writing, I also loved business. So I did my Bachelor of Business Management degree at Christ University, Bangalore, which gave me a stellar marketing education.

I then: taught Yoga, traveled to Finland, did my Master’s in International Business, interned in Spain and Finland, worked as a Search Engine Evaluator, learned digital marketing… and finally found my spot as a content writer and marketer.

Now, I work as a technical and content writer for the fantastic company Awesome Motive. I’m also building this fast-growing blog on content marketing with blog posts and online workshops.

Need a robust content marketing strategy?
Want quality blog content that Google loves? Let’s talk!

What I can do for you to grow your business with content


Here are the skills I possess and can leverage to bring you more traffic, and engagement, and build your reputation.

Content Writing

Work with me to leverage my 5+ years of writing experience.

SEO Writing

Give your blog posts an SEO boost. I’ll write SEO-optimized posts that appeal to people.

Content Experience

It’s not about how much content you create. It’s about the experience you build.

Content Strategy

Creating random blog posts isn’t useful. Work with me to get a content strategy.

Branding & Thought Leadership

Build your brand with the right tone and approach.

Story Telling

If you want to stand out, then tell a story with meaning.

Brief about me


“Content marketing management is about crafting a journey. Not about how many posts you make.”

Good to Know.

I don’t just create blog posts and articles. I create a meaningful content experience for your audience.

Together, we’ll shape the customer journey that leads from a person’s first contact with your brand to lifelong loyalty.

Work Experience.

Need someone with international experience and excellent US-English language skills? You found me.

I have 6 years of experience working as a content marketer with businesses in India, the US, Finland, and Spain.


Business education + International experience

2010-2015: Masters in International Business, University of Vaasa, Finland.

2006-2009: Bachelors in Business Management, Christ University, Bangalore 

Work with me


Here’s a list of services I offer:

Blog post writing

Content Strategy

Content Marketing

SEO writing

Email Newsletter content writing

Thought leadership content

Editing and Proofreading

Content and SEO research

Expert panel & round-up content

Web copywriting

Branded web copy

Network with me


I’m active in entrepreneurship groups and connect with marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.