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  • Content Marketer and Strategist
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  • Perpetual Philomath (someone who loves learning)

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My journey as a professional content writer and marketer began over five years ago. But my real journey as a lover of words and stories began as early as 8. From a very young age, I was wide awake to the fact that books and information could change my life. And I’ve been reading and building a knowledge base of writing tips, personal development techniques, and a passion for learning.

The magic of words


There’s something magical about seeing people’s eyes light up when you say or write the right words. It’s powerful when you can bridge a gap between businesses and their audience with the perfectly chosen arrangement of sounds. And it’s not about marketing and psychological tactics. It’s about telling a brand’s story with the most powerful tool there the truth. And that’s what I care about.

Other things about me you should know


I believe constant learning is essential. I read books, listen to audiobook, and do online courses. All. The. Time. I am also incredibly passionate about self-help and personal development, exploring them from neuroscientific and spiritual perspectives. I also do watercolor painting and am currently building some data analysis skills. I also have extensive experience working with international clients.

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You have important things to do. And while you need to create high-quality content, you can’t put in the time. And that’s where I come in. With my excellent language skills and understanding of how to appeal to audiences, I can help you grow your business with content.

Work with me and you’ll get a complete content marketing strategy to grow your customer base. I’ll help you create content for every stage of your customer journey. Need a content marketing manager to grow your business? I’m your gal. So, get in touch!

Education, work experience, and international exposure


While I loved writing, I also loved business. So I did my Bachelor of Business Management degree at Christ University, Bangalore, which gave me a stellar marketing education.

I then: taught Yoga, traveled to Finland, did my Master’s in International Business, interned in Spain and Finland, worked as a Search Engine Evaluator, learned digital marketing… and finally found my spot as a content writer and marketer.

Now, I work as a technical and content writer for the fantastic company Awesome Motive. I’m also building this fast-growing blog on content marketing with blog posts and online workshops.

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I’m active in entrepreneurship groups and connect with marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.