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Are you looking for ways to make money writing? You’re in luck! There are plenty of opportunities out there for writers of all levels of experience.

In this blog post, we’ll explore several different ways to make money writing.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, read on for a list of practical ways to write to make an income.

Over 50 Easy Ways to Make Money Writing (That Anyone Can Do)

This list of ways to make money as a writer should open your eyes to opportunities out there. As well as opportunities you can create.

For some of these ideas, you’ll need to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. And some of these ideas will take time to see success. But the effort to make money as a content creator is worth it.

Think of writing as a long-term investment that will pay you a significant return over time.

Read all the way to the end for my best tips on getting the most money writing. Also, FAQs about making money as a writer.

Dive in – here are 50+ ways you can make money writing.

  1. Start a blog and sell advertising space.
  2. Do SEO writing to help a blog post rank at the top for a specific keyword
  3. Create product reviews on your blog platform and use affiliate links. When people click on your link and buy something, you’ll earn a commission
  4. Write articles for website content, magazines, and other platforms that pay
  5. Write eBooks and sell them online on your own website
  6. Create books and sell them directly on Kindle or join KDP Select
  7. Write high-converting landing pages
  8. Specialize in copy for pricing pages
  9. Write UX copy for websites
  10. Create technical copy for documentation on how to use a product, service, etc
  11. Write product descriptions for eCommerce sites
  12. Create a blog with high traffic and get paid to feature a brand in your content
  13. Do guest posting and get backlinks as a service
  14. Create templates like blog post outlines, sales letters, wedding toasts, etc
  15. Sell digital products such as templates, graphics, or audio files.
  16. Ghostwrite for other people or businesses
  17. Sell courses or workshops on how to write or how to be a successful writer.
  18. Offer transcription services to people who create YouTube videos, podcasts, and online courses
  19. Create exclusive content for patrons who pay money every month using a platform like Patreon
  20. Write email newsletters where you curate interesting products, information, and ideas.
  21. Give writing consultations or tutoring services.
  22. You can make money writing poetry and submitting them to poetry contests. Also, send them to magazines and online poetry platforms.
  23. Sell writing software or tools.
  24. Write for magazines, newspapers, or other publications.
  25. Provide manuscript editing services.
  26. Sell short stories to newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, and submit them to short story writing contests.
  27. Become a freelance writer and take on tasks like transcription, editing, or content writing.
  28. Look for writing jobs on job boards and work for a company that needs writing services.
  29. Create fanfiction based on content with expired copyrights. Sell them on social reading platforms or post them on your blog and place ads.
  30. Work as a copywriter for brands or businesses needing marketing materials.
  31. Sell your work to publishers or literary agents who can help you get your books published.
  32. Participate in paid writing competitions and win cash prizes or other rewards.
  33. Create a membership site where you share your writing tips, tutorials, or other resources with your audience.
  34. Leverage your expertise and experience to start a writing consulting business or coaching program.
  35. Offer copywriting services for businesses that need help crafting compelling web content or other marketing materials.
  36. Teach writing classes at local community colleges or universities in your area.
  37. Join or start a writing group in your community and share your work with others, getting feedback and support along the way.
  38. Create an online portfolio that showcases your work and makes it easy for potential clients to find you and hire you for freelance projects.
  39. Sell audio versions of your books or other written content as digital downloads or on CD or cassette tape.
  40. Write for blogs and websites about topics related to writing, such as grammar tips, publishing advice, or self-publishing trends.
  41. Offer speechwriting services for politicians, CEOs, celebrities, or other business leaders who need help crafting effective presentations or speeches.
  42. Publish articles in industry publications focused on writers and the creative arts, like Poets & Writers Magazine or the Writer’s Chronicle.
  43. Host writing workshops or seminars that teach participants important skills like pitching articles, submitting queries, and formatting manuscripts.
  44. Create a free email course on how to write better and offer it as a lead magnet to grow your mailing list of potential clients for future marketing campaigns.
  45. Start a podcast or YouTube channel focused on topics of interest to aspiring writers, like writing prompts, productivity tips, or industry news. Take on sponsorships to support yourself and your show.
  46. Create an online course teaching people how to format and self-publish their own eBooks using popular platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
  47. Collaborate with other writers on collaborative projects that can help you reach new audiences and share the workload of creating content, marketing, or managing a business.
  48. Host workshops or seminars for aspiring writers looking for advice on topics like building a platform, finding freelance writing gigs, or setting up shop as a self-employed writer.
  49. Sell writing services on gig platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and others.
  50. Create social media content, build a following, and try to get sponsorships or sell your content
  51. Write advertising copy for various platforms, from billboards to print magazines and everything in between.
  52. Proofread other people’s work or offer services as an editor to improve content quality for a fee.
  53. Conduct market research on behalf of businesses to help them determine the best content writing strategies for reaching their target audiences.
  54. Write reviews of books, movies, TV shows, music albums, plays, or any other form of entertainment that could appeal to an audience of readers and writers looking for recommendations about – monetize your content with ads
  55. You can also make money writing product reviews. Sometimes, sites like G2 offer Amazon gift cards or contributions to charity if you write a review for software products.
  56. Sell greeting card messages and sell them to card companies
  57. Create a content agency and offer complete content strategy and writing services
  58. Sell guest posting opportunities on your blog to others. This is something that Google frowns upon and you need a high domain rating site to do this. So tread carefully.
  59. You can make money writing essays and doing homework for others. This isn’t very ethical, so again, be careful.
  60. Post sponsored content on your blog from other brands.
  61. Share sponsored content in your email newsletter.
  62. Create a subscription-based newsletter where you share writing and other job opportunities to your email list
  63. Create a paid membership or contributor platform that allows members to post content for backlinks and exposure
  64. Build a member-only blog website with blog content that’s only available to paying members
  65. Do data entry jobs
  66. Write devotionals and sell them to religious institutes or religious websites
  67. Join survey platforms and make a few cents to dollars answering surveys. Tried this and found that this is not a reliable way to get steady money.
  68. Learn to write subtitles and captions for movies, TV shows, and online content.
  69. Sell music and song lyrics to musical platforms

Tips on How to Make the Most Money Writing

There are many ways to make money writing. But making good money to sustain yourself is not easy.

From personal experience, you need to stand out from the competition in several ways.

Let’s break it down some more.

Build a Strong Personal Brand to Make More Money

When it comes to making money as a writer, building a strong personal brand is key. By positioning yourself as a better service provider, you can charge more for your work and make more money.

Having a personal brand allows you to connect with potential clients on a deeper level, establishing trust and credibility. It also helps you to build a loyal following who will be more likely to recommend your services to others.

You can build a strong personal brand by having a personal website, being active on LinkedIn, and actively promoting yourself.

When people see that you’re good at what you do, they’ll be more likely to trust you and hire you for their writing needs.

Use writing tools

There are many ways to make money writing, but one of the most effective ways is to invest in specialized tools that offer additional services. This can include anything from SEO tools and AI writing assistants to research tools and grammar tools.

By investing in these tools, writers can create an edge for themselves that ensures their writing has a measurable impact.

This is critical for any writer who wants to stand out in the marketplace. By offering specialized services, writers can open up new opportunities for themselves and make more money.

Specialize in a niche

As a writer, it can be extremely helpful to specialize in a niche topic. This can give you more credibility with potential clients, as they will know that you have the knowledge and expertise to write about their specific topic.

I got a life-changing job because of my knowledge of WordPress, marketing, and basic HTML and CSS. I recommend focusing on some niche or area of interest.

Additionally, specializing in a niche topic can help you to find writing opportunities that may be a better match for your skills and interests. By becoming known as an expert in a particular area, you may be able to charge higher rates for your services.

Ultimately, becoming specialized or knowledgeable in a niche topic can be a valuable asset for any writer looking to make more money.


If you’re a writer, there are many opportunities to make money. This list of ways to make money writing that we’ve provided is just the beginning.

There are many other ways for writers to find work and earn an income.

Start by considering which of these methods appeal to you most and then get started finding work in your chosen field.

With a little effort, you can start earning the money you deserve for your hard work as a writer. What other ways would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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