Best content writers to follow on Twitter
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Do you think you always need to take up a course to become a content writer? Or get a mentor to improve your writing skills?

Well, of course, it’ll help you a lot. But you can actually become a content writer even without buying a course or connecting with a mentor.

How? Well, just by following some of the amazing writers on Twitter. We think of Twitter as a platform where only celebrities and businesses post, but in reality, it’s an amazing platform for content writers.

There are some really talented writers on Twitter from whom you can learn a lot. And today, I am here with the names of some of the best content writers to follow on Twitter. No need to type ‘content writers near me’ on Google to find great writers.

The writers listed here have been helpful in growing my writing career, and they will help you too.

Check Out The Best Content Writers To Follow On Twitter

Whether freelance writers, copywriters, or content marketing writers on Twitter you’ll find great content writers around.

But not of all them really share content from which you can learn something. With time, I have found writers from whom I have picked up some really great advice and tips.

Here are my picks for the best content writers to follow on Twitter –

1. Steph Sissler

Steph Sissler's Twitter Profile picture
Steph Sissler’s Twitter Profile

Steph is a content marketing consultant and a great writer in one body.

If you visit her Twitter account do read her bio. From her ‘bio’ alone you can tell that she’s a great writer.

The ‘bio’ is simple, and meaningful but with a pinch of sass and class.

Her posts usually contain writing tips or topics about content writing. But what makes her posts so interesting to read is the way she drops these tips with a hint of sarcasm in such a witty way.

From her Twitter page, you can definitely pick up how to get people thinking and the kinds of tones to use.

Like at times, she uses a motivational tone with posts like –

“Big Life lesson:

If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive. ” – Steph Sissler’s Twitter post.

And in the next, she switches into a teaching and informative tone. For example –

“1 superpower every writer needs to master…


Think about it, the best writers are the ones who can tap into the emotions of their readers. And the key to doing that is by listening” – Stehp Sissler’s Twitter post.

Another thing that you’re bound to learn from her posts is – how to line up nice, interesting but easy-to-understand words in one sentence. And also let’s not forget about the practical and useful advice that she shares.

So in a nutshell, she can easily be considered as one of the best content writers to follow on Twitter.

2. Dominic Kent

Dominic Kent's Twitter profile image
Dominic Kent Twitter Profile

For freelance writers, Kent is the go-to name.

He’s someone who has worked his way up the freelancing ladder and has reached the top.

You’ll definitely find writing tips on Kent’s feed to improve your writing. But more than that you’d find freelancing tips. And ways to get your freelancing career rolling.

If you’re a freelance writer trying to make it big, then give his book ‘The Autonomous Freelancer’ a read where he literally breaks down the ways in which he earns multi-6-figures a year.

Now if you think that you’re a writer, but not a freelancer, so his posts are not for you. Let me tell you, it’s not true.

Kent’s posts offer a lot of knowledge about writing because, at the end of the end, he’s a writing coach too. His ‘How to Write a Blog Post that Gets 500,000 Views‘ course is pretty good for writers looking forward to writing content that actually gets results and lasts.

Also, let’s not miss his writing style.

Keep reading his post and you’ll understand what’s called structuring and how to keep it short and simple.

The way he arranges simple wording in short sentences to give information in an interactive way is something to learn. His interactive tone is what all writers need.

So don’t make the mistake of scratching him out of your ‘best content writers to follow on Twitter.

3. Erica Schneider

Erica Schneider Twitter profile cover picture and bio
Erica Schneider Twitter Profile

A must-follow Twitter account for new writers.

Her Twitter account is full of informative and actionable writing tips. Like this one which is pretty long and continued, but here’s the beginning –

“I’ve edited 3+ million words.

Here are 8 common content writing mistakes,

and how to fix them:” – Erica Schneider’s Twitter post.

From such kinds of posts, new writers actually get an idea of where they’re going wrong. Moreover, she shares grammatical advice like –

“THE easiest way to improve your writing:

Remove the verb “to be” from sentences….” – Erica Schneider’s Twitter post.

And this kind of writing advice definitely makes the writing process easier for us and our writing better. After seeing such useful advice, I couldn’t help but mention her on this list of best content writers to follow on Twitter.

I suggest that if you want to improve your writing, then start following her. Her posts are definitely helpful; after all, 44K people don’t follow her for nothing.

4. Tim Denning

Tim Denning's Twitter profile picture and bio
Tim Denning Twitter Profile

Are you a freelance writer up for starting your blog or a writing business?

Then Tim Denning is your guy to follow.

He writes about content writing and marketing, writing lessons, and ways to get your freelance writing process up and working.

Being a writer for 9 years he does have some tricks and advice to share. And his tips are very to-the-point, like –

“It’s not your problems you need to solve.

It’s how you think that unlocks your potential.” – Tim Denning’s Twitter post.

You are sure to learn how to put together an interesting and informative copy in one line from his posts. That’s why I recommend him as one of the best content writers to follow on Twitter.

Read his copies and you’ll see how neat and clean they are without any excess emotional, power words or adjectives.

5. Kieran Drew

Kieran Drew's Twitter profile picture and bio
Kieran Drew Twitter Post

If you’re someone who has shifted to writing from a different profession, then I suggest you follow Kieran Drew.

He himself is someone who left his dentistry career to move into the writing world. Along with writing tips, he shares business advice as well on his Twitter account.

He actually offers a course for copywriting called the ‘Copywriting Crash Course’. So he’s actually a content writing coach.

If you take a close look at his posts, you’ll see that he gives tips for increasing the readability of your content.

You get to learn how to make your writing simple and get rid of unnecessary or extra words from your posts to shorten them.

Like in one of his posts, he gave tests to show how to stick to an active voice and let go of the passive voice in writing.

And let’s not forget the words he use. His style of writing is very casual like he’s talking to his mate. So most of his writings have very common, casual everyday words.

If you read even a few posts you’ll get an idea of how to use even your common everyday vocabulary in a creative way to write a pretty uncommon, engaging piece.

All in all, he’s one the best content writers to follow on Twitter with a follower count of about 166.7K.

6. Get Paid Writing

Get Paid Writing's Twitter profile picture and bio
Get Paid Writing Twitter profile

Yes, that’s the name of this Twitter account.

And honestly, out of the other Twitter accounts, this is the profile that I like the most.

This writer’s writing is so direct and straightforward. And doesn’t beat around the bush, rather actually clears out the main point in two lines.

For instance, take this post of the writer –

“Good writers write what’s popular today.

Great writers write what’s popular tomorrow.” – Get Paid Writing’s Twitter post.

Simply telling you to think ahead and plan for the days to come.

If you’re a budding writer lacking writing skills and don’t know what to and not do, then look her up.

You’ll get an idea of where to start, how to start, and how to go about writing.

Again, this writer’s use of vocabulary and structuring is really something to learn. The writer uses very easy wording and writes short sentences but meaningful ones.

Plus, this writer has a way of influencing your thought process. Writings on this Twitter page give off some kind o feeling.

For better understanding, take this post from the page for example –

“Become a great writer:

– Spend 1h/day reading

– Spend 1h/day writing

Stop overcomplicating it.” – Get Paid Writing’s Twitter post.

Straightforward, clipped giving a mixed scolding and motivating feeling. And this feeling is done in just one line at the end, without any extra, or difficult words or phrases.

Thus from most of the posts, you’ll pick up how to slip in little feelings in short sentences without putting in too many words or phrases.

Keeping this Twitter page on your ‘best content writers to follow on Twitter’ will only do you good.

7. Natasha Tynes

Natasha Tynes's Twitter profile
Natasha Tynes’s Twitter profile

Natasha’s Twitter account is more or less about writing only.

Her posts talk about different types of writing.

From writing about how to write when pitching to an editor to tips on story writing, she shares insights on them all.

So whether you’re a story writer or a guest post writer or a blogger, you’re sure to find useful hacks here. She’s undoubtedly one of the best content writers to follow on Twitter.

She keeps her writing relatable by putting in something that she does and has experienced. Take this one for example –

“Writing an article about how you did something has more value than writing an article about how other people should do something.

Whenever I’m brainstorming for new writing material, I think of the projects I’m working on and write about them.” – Natasha Tynes’s Twitter post.

In this one, she is sharing what works best for her giving it a personal touch and making it seem practical. If you keep reading her posts you’ll get your way around adding personal touch and real-life examples in writing.

Another thing that you can actually learn from her writing is the way she blends formal and casual writing together.

Her writing style is neither very casual nor really formal rather a perfect combination of both.

8. Ken Pierre

Keni Pierre's Twitter profile pic and bio
Ken Pierre Twitter Profile

Ken gives you all the dos and don’ts for writing.

Again he posts actionable advice, nothing you can’t do. The tips on writing habits he shares are not so uncommon, but sometimes to find them we read long blogs or fat books.

But he put them pointwise and in a brief way. But what I find the most amazing aspect of his writing is his concluding lines.

Read his posts and you’ll definitely get a grip on how to finish off with style. His way of using the words to string together an ending line that people would get people to make think or make a move is something to learn.

And by moves, I don’t mean getting someone to buy or purchase something, rather do something relevant to the topic.

Here in this post, he talks about writing habits.

“If you’re having trouble adopting better writing habits, the problem isn’t you. The problem is your system.

• Create a weekly routine

• Complete writing prompts

• Write in an environment that comforts you

You don’t need to be perfect, you just need a system to stick to.” – Ken Pierre’s Twitter post.

And at the end, he just encourages readers to work with a system. But the last line sounds so encouraging and nice.

Just like this one, you’ll find many such posts to read and level up your write-the-ending game on his account.

And that’s why he has made to this ‘best content writers to follow on Twitter’ post.

9. Parker Worth

Parker Worth's Twitter profile
Parker Worth Twitter profile

If you also want to tell stories and not just provide information through your writing then follow Parker’s account.

Now you’re mistaken if you think Parker only focuses on story writing. He covers different forms of writing and even content marketing.

He doesn’t really write about writing habits or to-dos and not-to-dos for writing. Rather he talks more about content.

He shares insights on ideas for content, what kind of writing is working, and content marketing trends. You’ll actually learn how to write some content and what points to avoid while writing them.

For your understanding let’s take one of his posts as an example.

“Listicles are dead.

Anyone can write an email that says:

“10 steps to going viral”


Use a personal story:

-Give one lesson

-Make it relatable

-Splash some humor

-Share inner and outer conflict

-Show a flawed transformation

This makes your newsletter memorable.” – Parker Worth’s Twitter post.

Now in this one, he actually shares how to write a newsletter in such a short and crisp way. And other than such posts, you’ll see a lot of posts on story writing and publishing as well. Because, after all, he’s an expert in story writing.

I will recommend him as a great content writer so anyone can check him out. But if you’re domain is story or novel writing then you should follow him. Overall, try to keep him on your list of ‘best content writers to follow on Twitter’ too.

10. Aiden Kearney

Aiden Kearney, or Doctor Turtleboy, is a former teacher turned investigative journalist and content creator.

He is an example of having a clear mission and purpose in his writing – which is anti-establishment and unapologetic. The Aiden Kearney Twitter or X profile showcases regular engagement and links back to his Turtleboy news media.

11. Cait Corrain

This author has recently courted controversy for her attempts to tank her competitors’ book launches while boosting her own.

The Cait Corrain twitter account was a good profile to follow as an example of cross-promoting one’s book.

Start Following Now

And we have finally reached the finishing line for the best content writers to follow on Twitter. Twitter isn’t just for watching a random Twitter horse video or political rant, you can also learn from top content writers.

For any writer, learning is a never-ending process. As long as you keep reading and writing, you’ll get to learn new things every day.

Reading long articles and long books might not be possible every day. But try reading Twitter posts from the best content writers mentioned above, and you won’t even realize when you’ll level up your writing skills.

Learn from their writing, tips, the way they use words, their approach, their style, and more.

So follow this ‘best content writers to follow on Twitter’ list, get on with following, and start learning.

Happy writing! 🙂

PS: If you want to follow a romance author, try Dana Storino Twitter. Or Zewdy Twitter if want something different.

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