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Are you a budding content writer looking around for striking pieces to learn from and get an idea of good writing? Or have you been writing for some time but that attention-grabbing punch is still missing from your writing?

Writing amazing content isn’t something that comes easy. It’s an art and you’ll need to pick up and keep practicing.

And one of the great ways to do that is to look up some of the best writers and see how they write.

This is where Medium comes in with its loads of great writers with content from which you can actually make personal development on your writing front.

As said there are many great writers, but I have made a list of ‘writers to follow on Medium’ whom I personally find the best. With that said let’s head down the list.

7 Top Writers To Follow On Medium

1. Dominic Kent

Dominic Kent's profile on Medium
Dominic Kent’s Profile on Medium

This Medium writer writes in simple language and to the point.

If you read his articles, you’ll get an idea of how to structure an article.

All facts and points in his pieces are well placed one after the other so that you don’t get lost while reading.

And he’s someone who doesn’t only write about content writing but talks about marketing and gives out business advice too.

Here’s a list of some of his articles, that you must have a look at.

All in all, his writing is informative but the best thing is his style, it’s easy and so readable. He’s indeed one of the best writers to follow on Medium.

I also suggest that you check out his book, The Autonomous Freelancer, where he explains, in detail, how he earns multi-6-figures a year. 

He also has a useful course on how to write a blog post that gets 500,000 views which is great for any writer who wants to create content that generates results. 

2. Justin Cox

 writers to follow on Medium .
Justin’s Profile On Medium

Justin’s Medium profile is like a treasure box of informational content about writing.

He’s a top writer and has even written a book called ‘Write Now: How To Pursue Your Dream And Start Writing Today!’. If you take a look at his writings on Medium you’ll find various articles revolving around writing, writing tools, and tips, like –

There are many more articles like this. But another thing I need to mention is that he’s one of the medium writers who has actually started a writing community called ‘The Writing Cooperative’, where you can connect with other writers and read their published articles.

He even interviews popular writers and professionals about their writing styles, habits, and tricks and publishes them in article format on Medium.

He’s without a doubt an amazing writer, from whose writing you can pick up a lot of good points for self-improvement. So keep him on your list of ‘writers to follow on Medium’ too.

3. Kathy Widenhouse

She is a must-follow in this ‘writers to follow on the Medium’ list.

Kathy practically teaches you how to be a better content writer. She’s herself a copywriter and thus knows where and when to make tweak some points to make a post stand out.

Her posts are actually kind of lessons on content writing. Let me share some of her article titles and you’ll understand.

See how the articles are all about writing. And these articles are actually written like some kind of tutorial as if she’s teaching.

So, I suggest you take a look at her articles and see for yourself.

4. Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan's profile on Medium
Jonathan Milligan’s Profile on Medium

If you are all into blogging but don’t know how to make it stand out, then Jonathan should be your go-to medium writer.

With 5.5K followers, he’s a top writer and a book author. His book ‘Your Message Matters: How to Rise Above the Noise and Get Paid for What You Know’ is all about how to get noticed and paid for your writing.

Let me tell you that he might be a blogger and all but he has established himself as a writing and content marketing coach as well.

I particularly like his writing style.

His posts are to-the-point and his points are very practical and again simple.

For example, the ‘How to Write a Blog Post: The Ultimate Guide’, post is so easy to understand, like even a 10-year-old can read and understand.

Keeping writing simple and easy to understand – is one of the most important traits that I’ve noticed in all these top writers.

Whether you have personal stories to tell, want to write for your blog, or do content marketing, you can learn a lot from his articles.

So make sure he’s on your list of writers to follow on Medium.

5. Tim White

For fiction or story writers, Tim White’s articles are a good find.

More or less all his posts roll around story writing.

To put it in simple words, if you want to learn about writing flow and some writing habits then check him out.

For writers who actually want to write a novel or fictional story, go through his posts like –

Obviously, he’s a great writer so all his articles definitely make a great read, and you can definitely learn a lot from them.

6. Sinem Günel

Sinem Gunel's profile on Medium
Sinem’s Profile on Medium

Not just only writing, if you want some clues on life and make some personal development, then be sure to follow Sinem Günel.

She’s a prolific writer and writes about life, personal development, self-discovery, and even content writing and marketing.

Besides writing on Medium, she has also co-authored a book called ‘555 Lessons Playbook: Lessons From 111 of the Best Books Ever Written.

Her articles are mostly motivational as if she’s trying to empower you and help you realize your true potential.

What I like about her writing is that it has a kind of personal touch to it, which makes the reader feel connected.

It’s maybe because she speaks from her personal experiences and does mention them, that’s why it feels so relatable. Also, let’s not forget the information part.

She makes sure to include as facts and points as possible. From her writing, you’re sure to pick up how to make your writing sound more human.

That pretty much sums ups about her, but I must mention some of her articles that you should click on.

So without a doubt, I can say that Sinem Günel is one of the best writers to follow on Medium.

7. Steven Toews

Steven Toews profile on Medium
Steven Toews’s Profile on Medium

Definitely, a must-follow on my writers to follow on Medium series.

Really a top writer, who writes about content writing hacks, plans, and careers.

If you’re a budding content writer then his posts will be incredibly informative for you. His writings give you a reality check and he doesn’t sugarcoat the points.

He comes off clear and speaks from experience. You’ll find that he tried to cover topics that are usually avoided. Like this top writer actually has written a post titled – ‘How To Use Slangs To Connect With Your Audience’.

Other than this some of his other amazing posts are –

8. Areti Vassou

Areti Vassou's profile on Medium
Areti Vassou’s Profile on Medium

She’s a master of copywriting and writing strategies.

But her Medium publications are a mix of writing tips, content marketing topics, and motivational, self-empowering dos and don’ts.

She’s a top writer for sure, but if go through her articles, she has a habit of elaborating or breaking down too much.

But that’s good actually, it lets us grasp the knowledge more easily. Plus, she’s someone who makes great use of tone.

Depending on the topic she changes her writing from plain, conversational to kind of formal and professional.

And for motivational ones, she makes sure to keep it inspiring and relatable.

But this is about just the writing, she shares a lot of tips and info too for writing, which actually works in real life.

These are just a few of her great reads. You can actually learn a lot from her, so keep her on your ‘writers to follow on medium’ list.

Level Up By Following the Top Writers on Medium

That pretty much sums up my list of top writers to follow on Medium.

According to me, these are some of the most amazing writers out there. Obviously, they aren’t the only ones, there are more great writers with great profiles.

But I can say that from the profiles mentioned above, you can learn a lot about writing, and content marketing. Besides reading up information, what you should pay attention to is their writing styles.

They have worked their way up and thus has a lot of experience. Try to learn from them and hone your own writing style.

Make sure to bookmark these profiles for future reference!

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