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Do you have a friend or family member who is a writer and want the perfect gift for them?

Writers are creative types who can find a great deal of joy in thoughtful gifts.

By gifting them something unique that supports their writing passion, you show them how much you care and value their craft. But what could be the best gift for writers?

I’ve listed the most useful, delightful, and creative gifts for writers that they will love.

Go through this list to find the best gifts for a writer for all budgets. You’re sure to make a lasting impact with the perfect gift.

The Best Electronic Gifts for Writers

Writers rely on electronic devices in many ways to write. The right device can make them more productive, support their research, and even help them plot out their stories.

Let’s look at a few electronic devices you can buy for your writer friend. The suggestions here are perfect if you have a higher budget.

reMarkable Tablet

The reMarkable Tablet is a brilliant reading and writing device. It creates the effect of using paper but on a thin digital tablet.

This is brilliant for a writer because they can store hundreds and thousands of articles, PDFs, books, and so on.

And better yet, they can write and draw directly on the reMarkable tablet to take notes. It will even convert handwriting to text.

In this way, writers can read a limitless amount of books and other content on the tablet. This will improve their knowledge, help them do research, and make them more productive.

The fact that you can write on this device and still feel like you’re using paper makes it different from anything else. A writer will still get the tactile feeling of using a book.

It’s also convenient as it will easily replace heavy books and notes.


When writers aren’t writing, they’re reading and learning.

They often consume a number of books to learn new things and feed their passion for content and literature.

If they don’t already have an eReader, consider buying them one. Some of the best Readers in the market are:

These eReaders can store thousands of books, and they feel more like physical books than tablets do. They’re comfortable and let you highlight sentences and take notes.

Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

As a writer myself, I’ve always been enchanted by the idea of using a typewriter.

It seems like magic to type and see words appear in print on paper.

While typewriters aren’t practical or feasible, you can create a close substitute effect by buying a retro-style mechanical keyboard that feels like a typewriter.

This is a modern typewriter keyboard that looks and feels like a vintage typewriter. It has the same sounds and tactile sensations as clicking on an old-fashioned mechanical device.

This is a whimsical and fun electronic gift you should consider giving to your writer pal or family member. And I recommend buying one from ‘Qwerky Writer

Apple iPad Pro

Once again, we’re looking at an expensive but powerful tool for writers.

An iPad Pro is the perfect device for writers as it’s designed with both creativity and productivity in mind.

It will allow a writer to do multiple things:

  • Read books
  • Do research
  • Write notes and draw with an additional digital pen
  • Type notes with an extra keyboard
  • Connect with storage cloud platforms
  • Use apps like Ulysses and other writing software

And so much more. And, of course, a writer can use an iPad Pro can help writers collaborate, find writing jobs, send emails, and do all those activities that support a writer’s work.

An Ergonomic Mouse

If you want to give your writer friend an affordable yet useful gift, consider buying them a good ergonomic mouse.

This is because writers spend hours in front of the computer typing and clicking on things. Having an ergonomic mouse will make this process easier and more comfortable for them. It also helps prevent wrist pain and other issues related to poor posture or long usage.

Check out these suggestions for some of the best ergonomic mice available:

These are just a few ideas to get you started. But there are a lot of great options out there for you to check out.

Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pad

The wrists get a lot of strain and pressure while typing. A good ergonomic wrist rest pad is the perfect gift for writers who spend hours typing on their laptops every day.

This will help relieve strain from their wrists, shoulders, and arms so that they can be more productive with less fatigue.

So give this as another meaningful gift for the writer in your life.

Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a great way to help writers stay focused. They will block out all the distractions and help keep a writer productive.

Some of the best noise-canceling headphones in the market are:

Simple tools like these can create small and effective means of building comfort and focus. You should consider gifting your friend these items.


What writer doesn’t love a pretty notebook or notepad to write in? Here are some special notebooks you should gift to a writer. 

Moleskine Notebooks

These are perfect writing companions. They’re useful for writers to carry around in their bag and take notes, jot down ideas, and more.

Along with ideas and notes, as a writer, you can also practice some writing exercises on them and hone your skills whenever you’re free.

Moleskine notebooks come with a lot of features that support the writer’s craft:

  • They come in various sizes and formats
  • Have archival-quality paper
  • Has an elastic closure to keep papers secure
  • Comes with an expandable inner pocket to store small items

And more. With a Moleskine notebook, writers will never have to worry about missing ideas or notes again.

Waterproof Notepad

It’s well-known in the creative world that the best ideas happen in the shower.

A perfect gift for the writer in your life is to get them a waterproof notepad. This will let them write down their ideas and notes even when they’re in the bathtub or pool.

Epica – The World’s Thickest Journal

Writers love the feeling that writing in a beautiful notebook feels. They also write often. So much so that most writers have dozens of notebooks, notebooks, and loose bits of paper strewn about or stacked.

You can gift a unique and useful item in the form of the world’s thickest-ever journal.

Epica offers high-quality artisinal journals and albums using quality leather crafted in Florence, Itality.

This is a premium and expensive gift – which is great if that’s what you want.

You gift your writer a one-of-a-kind leather journal with anywhere between 600 to 1000 pages. It is made of archival paper and it’s great for writing, watercolor painting, and drawing.

You can get a personalized laser engraving, a custom title page, and add on a gift wrap.

This is an epic and unique gift which you should get if you have the budget and know that your writer friend loves to use gorgeous notebooks or journals.


Although most writers use personal computers to work, they still value and work with pens and pencils. These items make excellent gifts. 

Fountain Pens

Many creative writers enjoy the feeling of using a fountain pen on paper.

They’re a great gift and are practical with a classic charm that never fails to impress.

There’s something satisfying about using ink and a beautiful nib to see words appear. And you can opt to gift a pen that’s high-end or low-budget based on what you can afford.

Some of the nicest fountain pens I can recommend are:

These are some of the best fountain pens on the market, and your writer will love them.


Writers often read books about writing to improve their craft. It’s a safe bet that your friend or family you’re gifting to is a book lover.

Let’s look at different types of books that are great gifts for writers.

Books to Improve the Writing Process

You can gift them books written by successful authors on tips and tricks for better writing. Some great options are Stephen King’s On Writing, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, and William Zinsser’s On Writing Well.

Quote Books

Writers are often inspired by quotes. You can gift them a book of meaningful quotes written by authors, poets, and other people who have made an impact in the literary world.

You can find quote books that focus on particular topics such as success, motivation, creativity, life lessons, and more. This will be a great way to encourage a writer to stay motivated and inspired.


One of the best gifts for writers is a thesaurus. A good thesaurus will help them find alternative words that can be used for different writing contexts. This tool will make their writing more interesting and engaging.

Most writers prefer a physical thesaurus since it provides a chance for them to learn other words. They can always look for word alternatives online if they’re in a hurry.


Writing gifts can be physical writing tools, creative inspiration items, experiences, and even digital subscriptions that support a writing career.

Here are my recommendations for the best gifts for writers in a subscription format.


Audible is a great way to get access to tens of thousands of books. This subscription service allows you to listen to books on the go, which writers love if they’re always commuting or have a day job that requires them to travel.

An Audible subscription allows a writer to expand their knowledge and this enriches their writing.

You can purchase an Audible gift card or an Amazon card just for an Audible subscription for a specific number of credits or months.

This is a thoughtful gift for a writer that will help them enhance their writing and knowledge.

Writing Apps

There are many powerful writing tools and apps for different purposes

Some writing apps are great for plotting novels and story ideas. Others allow you to organize numerous chapters and storylines.

And many apps support a flow state and writing in a distraction-free set up.

You can pick an app that meets your writer’s needs and get them a subscription to the app. Some examples of different kinds of writing apps are:

  • Cold Turkey to block distractions on a computer
  • Plottr for outlining novels and supporting any writing process
  • Scrivener for charting and drafting large books
  • Ulysses, an Apple-friendly software
  • Novlr for building novels
  • Bibisco for outlining and drafting novels
  • Ommwriter to overcome writer’s block

And many more. These are all great ideas for gifts for writers that will help them with their craft, passion, and work. A subscription to such apps and tools ensures that their writing time is reduced without dropping productivity.

Literary magazines

Subscribing your friend to a literary magazine or journal is also one of the best gifts for writers. It allows them to discover more about the craft and be exposed to new trends, writing styles, and even literary agents.

You can pick one that focuses on a specific genre, like Sci-fi or Horror, if your writer is interested in it. And opt for a monthly or yearly subscription that makes sense.

This is an affordable and thoughtful gift for any writer who loves to stay updated with the trends in the industry. It will also give them opportunities to find and apply to writing contests, writing jobs, publishing short stories, and more.

Some examples of literary magazine subscriptions are:

And so on. Look for options in genres your friend is interested in.

Coffee Subscription from Their Favorite Cafe

Writers like to get away and work in cafes or their local coffee shops. A great way to support them is to gift them a subscription from their favorite cafe.

This way, they can come back and work with ease without having to worry about buying coffee every time. Plus, it’s an excellent way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to writing.

Cool Gifts and Products

Let’s look at a variety of knick-knacks and useful presents that you can gift a writer. 

A Customized Coffee Mug

For many writers, their writing routine starts with coffee. Writers love coffee. You can get them a customized mug with an inspiring message, their favorite characters, or book cover on it.

This is an excellent gift that will make them smile every time they sit down to write or edit their work. There are plenty of options available online and you can even find hand-painted mugs from marketplaces like Etsy.

This is a great gift that won’t break the bank and will be cherished for years to come.

Writer’s Clock

The best gifts for writers include whimsical and funny items like a writer’s clock.

This is an item that has a quote or message along with the time. It could also have pictures and references to the writing process.

Here are some online links to buy this gift for an aspiring writer.

eLearning and Online Courses as Gifts

A subscription to Udemy or Coursera.

Writers are constantly learning and improving their skills. They often take courses to learn new things or refine existing knowledge.

You can gift them a subscription to Udemy or Coursera where they can access hundreds of courses in any topic they want.

This is a great way to give the gift of education without having to worry about whether it’s something they need.

A Writing Desk

Writers need a comfortable and organized place to write. A beautiful writing desk is the perfect gift for any writer as it can help them stay focused on their work.

Look for desks with lots of storage shelves, drawers, and cubbies that allow your writer friend, or family member to store their books and other things in one spot.

Also, one that allows them to raise the top to angle the paper or laptop they’re working on.

A writer’s desk will serve them for years to come, and it shows that you care about their comfort and productivity.

You could also gift a foldable lap desk or collapsible table. One that is small and easy to store away. This is more budget-friendly and is a great idea when there’s limited writing space.

A Gift Certificate To A Writing Retreat

Many writers dream of going on writing retreats as a form of self-care and skill-building.

You can surprise your writer friend with a gift certificate to a writing retreat. There, they’ll work with a writing coach, get away from distractions, and improve their writing craft.

There are plenty of options available online, so you’ll have plenty of choices when selecting something perfect for them.

Amazon Gift Card

As a writer, one of the best gifts I received was an Amazon gift card from my friends. I was able to indulge in a number of gifts that I could buy guilt-free.

Amazon has a wide range of items that are perfect for writers. From books to journals to desk accessories, you can give them the freedom to choose whatever they want without worrying about the causes.

Likewise, you can offer gift cards from Office Depot, Target, and other places.

A Gift Basket with Writing Supplies

Writers always need writing supplies such as paper, pens, and other materials. You can make or buy a gift basket full of these items.

Look for a basket that contains all the essentials such as notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. This is an excellent way to show your writer friend or family member that you care and want to support their writing endeavors!

Gift Card from Their Local Bookstore

One of my favorite gift ideas is a gift card to the writer’s local bookstore.

Writers love exploring bookstores and finding new reading material.

A gift card from their favorite bookstore is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their writing and give them the freedom to choose whatever they want.

Blue light glasses

Looking for practical gift ideas? Then give your favorite writer blue light-blocking glasses to reduce eye strain and improve productivity. Writers often spend hours at their desks, so these blue light glasses make the perfect gift for them.

These blue light-blocking glasses will prevent your writer friend or family member from getting strained, boost energy, promote better sleep, and encourage writers to keep going.

Writing inspiration decks

It’s common for writers to experience writer’s block. To overcome this, gift inspiration decks are a great way to get creative ideas for new stories or articles.

There are many awesome and inspiring decks to help a writer get their creative juices flowing:

You can give your friend or family member inspiration decks filled with inspiring quotes, topics, and prompts that will help them break through those moments of writer’s block and come up with something amazing.

The Writer’s Toolbox (Creative Games)

Many creatives know that it’s important to tap into the right side of the brain for creativity.

This toolbox for writers is geared towards enabling just that. 

Give this Writer’s Toolbox as a gift to inspire your friend who loves to write. 

The best gift for writers includes inspiration writing decks, tablets, and subscriptions to different tools and softwares.

Cup Warmer

A simple but useful gift is a cup warmer. One that you can plug into a laptop with a USB cord.

This device helps keep your coffee or tea warm for longer periods of time and it’s great if you’re working late nights.

It can make a writer happy by conveniently keeping their beverages warm while they write.

Laptop bag

Another great gift for writers is a laptop bag or sleeve.

This can help protect their laptop from scratches and minor accidents while they’re carrying it around.

There are many laptop bag designs with useful features available.

You can gift a writer a gorgeously designed and colorful laptop bag if they love art and standing out.

Or you can gift one that is practical and has multiple pockets and is waterproof.

Writers often carry electronic devices around. And a useful laptop bag is a great gift that makes life easier.

Laptop Stand

Another great gift for writers is a laptop stand. Laptop stands help to keep laptops at the perfect ergonomic position when typing. This helps reduce strain on the neck and shoulders, making it easier for writers to stay comfortable while working.

This is an excellent gift that will help many writers improve their posture and productivity while they work.

It’s also great for aspiring writers who want to keep their laptops at eye level for comfort.

Laptop Privacy Screen

Many writers feel the need to protect their work, especially when they’re working on new ideas when outside.

A laptop screen that blocks people from the back or the side from seeing a screen is one of the best gifts for writers.

Give Your Creative Writer Friend the Best Gift Ever

Creative writers need help to inspire creativity and start writing.

You can not only help your friend or family member who is a writer get past the hurdle of a blank page but also show them that you care.

I hope this blog post has helped you find a good gift for your special writer buddy.

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