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Music can help you sleep, it can get you dancing, but did you know it can also help with your writing? That’s right – the right kind of music can help you with writing as well.

As a writer, I know how important it is to be able to focus and get into a flow state to let the words flow. But at times it can be difficult to get yourself in such a focused state. That’s where brain music for writing comes in.

Rather than being a distraction, brain music is designed to act as a supplement to the writing process. It helps you to maintain focus and increase your productivity as a writer.

What Music Is Good For Writing?

Brain music for writing includes specially composed tracks that are meant to help you stay focused on your task. The music’s rhythms and tones help keep you in a flow state while writing.

These tracks are usually instrumental, without lyrics, so they don’t distract you. Many of these music tracks also include nature sounds and ambient noises that help to relax your mind and keep you in a focused state.

What these kinds of tunes do is they send rhythmic patterns to your brain, which help to keep you in a calm and productive state even while writing.

Where To Find Brain Music For Writing?

Spotify or iTunes isn’t really where you go to to brain music. There are specific apps and sites that host brain music for writing.

And we’re here to talk about them.


Landing page of Brain.fm the best place to listen find brain music for writing

With an aim to help people unlock their full potential with music Brain.fm is an app that provides personalized brain music for writing and other tasks like studying and sleeping.

When the rest of the world is busy creating music for entertainment and distraction, this app is dedicated to creating music that is scientifically designed to help you stay in a focused, calm, and productive state.

About Brain.fm’s Music



Feel more focused as you write. Enter ‘flow’ easily and meet your writing targets whether it’s writing the next great novel or blogging for your business.

Brain.fm actually uses science to analyze and understand the kind of music that affects your brain in a positive way. It has run tests like EEG and FMRI with its music just to see how it affects the brain.

Now, why EEG or FMRI test? Well, it is because the EEG test shows the electrical activity of your brain. And Brain.fm did the test just to see how the brainwaves reacted to their music and the results were impressive.

While FMRI study shows the blood flow in the brain. Brain.fm did this test repeatedly with their music just to see where the blood flow increased and decreased, and how it affected the brain.

Their music isn’t something that is created at a spark moment of creativity but is rather the result of hours and days of hard work, research, and experimentation.

Brain.fm tunes are tuned in such a way that they make sure to get rid of attention-grabbing beats. Their music kind of blends in the background and works to keep your mind in a positive and productive state.

Honestly, I’d suggest that you give this app a try. Take Brain.fm’s free trial option and if it works for you then subscribe for either monthly or yearly plans which cost $6.99 and $49.99 respectively.


Landing page of Headspace
Headspace Website

Now Headspace takes it a notch higher. How?

You see Headspace doesn’t just produce brain music for writing or increasing productivity, but it covers the entire spectrum of your mental health.

It offers a whole library of activities, sleep and relaxation sounds, and guided meditations. You can even learn meditation and other mindfulness activities with Headspace’s guided programs.

About Their Music

First of all, Headspace isn’t just limited to music.

On this app, you’ll find various short videos and audio tracks to guide you through meditation and mindfulness practices.

However, if you are specifically looking for music, then Headspace has its own library of carefully crafted audio tracks that help with falling asleep, relaxing, concentrating, and destressing.

Now these are the things that make Headspace and little different than the Bran.fm. Again, Headspace depends largely on science. They actually have their own team of Emmy-winning sound specialists and scientists who create the music for you.

Their music is great to have in the background while writing, but what intrigues me the most is their guide videos on different good mental habits.

By practicing such meditating and mindfulness exercises, you can actually strengthen your mental health and in turn, make yourself more productive.

While working if you need music then Headspace can be a good choice. Since they make sure to compose tunes for you that increase concentration, relax your mind, and regulate your energy.

Headspace gives a 14-day free trial offer. Experience it for yourself so that you can decide whether it is worth the money or not.

On Youtube

If you can get your search right then you can definitely find some amazing brain music for writing on YouTube.

Some of the phrases that you can use to get your hands on some amazing beats for increasing concentration while writing or any other task are:

  • Brain music for writing
  • Binaural beats focus music
  • Background music for writing
  • Focus Music or focus music for writing and working

Type in any of these phrases and you’re sure to come across music specifically composed to help you stay focused and increase your productivity.

The thing about YouTube is that anyone can make and upload a music track. So the chance of stumbling upon music that is named focus music but is actually far from the purpose is pretty high.

That’s why I suggest that you go for designated apps like Brain.fm and Headspace which are specifically created to provide brain music for writing if it fits your budget.

Some Other Options

Other than Brain.fm and Headspace, there are some other apps that you can consider for finding focus music for writing or beats that basically cancel any distraction.

FactTechz Ultimate Brain Boost

It’s more like Spotify or Apple Music but with a twist. It offers brain music specifically designed to help people focus better and stay in a productive mindset.

Most of its tracks revolve around Binaural beats to help you stay focused, increase your concentration, and even relax.

Along with brain music for writing, you’ll also find music for sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

Binaural beats work around the idea of different waves like Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Different beats help you enter different states of mind.

For Android mobile users it isn’t a bad app.

White Noise Lite

If you want to block out some of the external noises then white noise is what you need.

Basically, it’s a way to cancel out distracting noises by projecting a sound so that the other noises can’t be heard.

White Noise Lite is an Android appIt offers more than 40 different types of ambient noise like rain, thunder, and even the sound of a running fan.

You might not find some kind of scientifically composed brain music for writing here, but it can still help you focus better.

Whether you’re writing or trying to sleep, you’ll find the kind of ambient noise that’ll help you out.

It is also free so again, not bad at all if you are on a budget.


Another music streaming platform.

From Taylor Swift to classical Soundcloud is home to different genres of music and also has its own library of brain music for writing.


Just type in

  • Study music Alpha Waves
  • Concentration Music
  • Brain Music

And it will give you a well-curated playlist of music to help you stay focused.


Nosili landing page

You are the composer on this site.

What I mean is you get to choose from different kinds of ambient sounds like thunder, rain, and beach waves. Then you can mix these sounds together to create the kind of music that’ll help you block out distractions and stay focused.

And you’re not up to the task of composing one you can very well choose from the 28 high-quality tunes Noisli offers.

There are some pre-existing playlists as well. So you can put them on play as well.

Noisli is a website and not an app. So if you are using a laptop or desktop then it is great.

Also, if you choose to become their premium member then you’ll get access to some amazing features like timer and volume control.

Find Your Tune

Writing is an art that requires your undivided attention and concentration.

And brain music can help do just that. It can help you stay focused and in turn, increase your productivity.

But finding the right kind of brain music for writing that suits your needs and budget is a tricky task. So, in this article, I have tried to list out some of the best apps and websites that you can consider for finding focus music.

Go through the list and if possible try out the free trials and see which helps you the best to get into your writing zone and stay there.


What music is good for writing?

The best music for writing is brain music which is specifically geared to improve your focus and creativity.

Since brain music contains Binaural beats and Alpha Waves. These beats help you to enter a state of deep focus that would allow your creative juices to flow uninterruptedly.

What is the best music for focus writing?

Focus writing means shutting off the external world and channeling your creative energy to write.

The best music for focus writing is brain music, as it helps to get your brain focused on one job and block out any external noise that can be distracting. Brain music has been scientifically composed to increase concentration and productivity.

Can you listen to motivational music for writing as well?

Yes, you can listen to motivational music for writing as well. Motivational music often contains upbeat tunes and positive lyrics that can help get your creative juices flowing.

But if you already have the ideas and just need the concentration to put them into words then brain music is your best bet.

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