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Do you want to offer AI products and services but can’t build them yourself?

Then, you’re in the right place. 

Today, you can easily slap your brand logo and colors on existing AI tools and offer them to your customers. And in the process, help them while boosting your brand image and offerings. 

Let’s look at the phenomenon of growing white-label AI platforms and how they can help you. 

And I’ll share some of the top white-label tools there so you can start offering your AI solutions with a few clicks. Let’s dive in.

What Is White Label AI? 

There are many applications of AI for businesses today. 

One fast-growing application is White label AI or GPT white label. This refers to ready-made AI solutions that can be rebranded and relabeled for your business.

This allows you to offer robust services without building it from scratch or hiring a team of engineers and developers.

White label AI is an easy way for companies and startups to quickly enter the market with customized products.

And it’s a rapidly growing industry where more and more solutions are available.

If you want a simple way to enter the AI market or leverage AI to grow your business, you should consider working with white label AI tools.

How Did White Label AI Tools Come About?

In a sense, the white label AI field created itself. And I’m not dismissing the people and businesses growing in this area.

What I mean is that once people saw how you could use ChatGPT to write content, code, work on spreadsheets, and more, creating white label tools became the next step.

It’s much easier now to build entire AI businesses since so much coding can be automated with AI.

What is difficult, however, is enabling raw AI to become more accessible. And this is how white label tools help. They fill a gap between the final user, you, and the complex machinery that is AI.

Take Jasper.ai for example. It’s a powerful content creation tool offering a suite of useful writing features. But it’s also built on OpenAI. It is a type of white label tool.

The magic lies in the fact that you can use your everyday language to build coded products. There’s virtually no need for you to know a line of code to create a whole suite of tools.

Let’s look at some use cases of white label AI to see how to leverage them in your brand.

7 Ways to Use White Label AI

Here are some specific ways that white label AI can help you, whether you’re a business or an individual that wants to serve customers with AI.

  1. Create recurring revenue by offering white labelled solutions to your audience for a subscription.
  2. Create idea generators – whether it’s a business name generator, niche idea generators, and so on.
  3. Build content generators for any reason: For example, you can offer an AI tool that writes wedding vows, speeches, announcements, and so. You can also offer blog post creators and social media post creators. You can also produce stories, ad copy, and more.
  4. Make Chatbot assistants to offer sales and customer support
  5. Create calculators and responsive forms for your audience. For example, build forms that instantly calculate an interest rate or offer a customized solution after they fill a set a form questions.
  6. Use AI to make complex B2B workflows easier. 
  7. Resell resume-building tools and customizations 
  8. Create ad optimization services and sell them to customers
  9. Offer automated social media management solutions and so on. 

What you can do with White Label AI depends on your industry. I used a white label tool to create a content strategy generator. And all it took was giving a few instructions, and I had a customized content strategy tool.

Similarly, you can use AI in unlimited ways. And you don’t need a single line of code to do this. Use natural, speaking English and ask the AI white label tool to help. And it will do the job for you.

10 White Label AI Tools You Should Know About

Let’s look at AI white label platforms that you can use and apply your own brand to. So you can offer them to clients and customers in your own name.

1. BotPenguin

Landing page of BotPenguin one of the best White Label Ai Solutions

Chatbots are widely used today as part of conversational marketing strategies.

A chatbot helps you answer customer questions, keep people on a site longer, and collect leads.

The market is growing for chatbots, and a great way to enter it is to use BotPenguin’s white label facility.

Become a partner and launch your own AI SaaS platform selling chatbot solutions.

2. FormWise

Did you know that you can create entire AI apps by yourself? There’s no need for a dev team or to spend a ton of money on building tools from scratch.

FormWise, as the name indicates, allows you to use forms and AI to build virtually anything you can think of, for example:

  • Business idea generators
  • Domain name generators
  • Content generators for social media, blog posts, landing pages, and more
  • Personality tests
  • Quiz-makers
  • Calculators and much more.

FormWise is brilliant if you need to interact with your users and generate content or other outputs with input from your audience.

You can use it to offer an entire suite of AI-driven tools on your site. This is great for marketing agencies, social media agencies, and PR companies. Read my full review of FormWise to learn more. 

3. FeedHive

If you run a social media agency or want to offer social media services, then FeedHive is all you need.

It allows you to offer social media management features like scheduling, creation, analytics, and so on in your domain.

Add your logo, colors, and fonts and invite your clients to collaborate on a powerful AI-drive social media platform to meet their goals.

4. Pipplet

This is a very specific and interesting tool that helps test candidates’ language skills when they apply for jobs.

This helps businesses streamline the testing process and identify the top candidates.

Now, businesses can send such tests under their own brand name to maintain a professional appearance.

5. GoHire.io

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are widely in use by businesses worldwide.

And you can easily launch your own ATS platform to support HR clients.

And by using GoHire, you avoid infrastructural and development costs. It’s all done for you.

Simply sign up clients and earn monthly recurring revenue or passive income.

6. Nanos.ai

Nanos.ai Website

Nanos.ai is a remarkable white-label tool for anyone looking to dive into AI-powered advertising.

With Nanos, you can create optimized ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram all in one place.

You can literally launch your own marketing agency from scratch.

You can create ad campaigns across social media networks and publish and manage them from a single dashboard.

And it supports single images, videos, or carousel ads. It also has other features like flexible ad placements, budget optimization, AI text suggestions to craft compelling ad headlines and descriptions, and so on.

Check out Nanos’s white label options and sell its features to your audience with your own logo, brand colors, and payment gateway.

7. Hala.ai

For B2B companies, Hala.ai offers white label conversational AI solution to simplify complex processes.

Many enterprises work with multiple software solutions and this leads to complicated routines and inefficiencies.

Hala.ai fixes this by bringing in conversational UI that integrates different software. It has integrations with QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP solutions. It automates and simplifies Microsoft Dynamics procurement, reduces SAP IT support costs and boosts SAP user productivity.

Now to the white-label feature. It’s a complete platform for automating tasks and increasing productivity. You can customize the platform, secure your data with on-premise solutions, and get multiple integration options.

And unlike other companies, you can control everything like hosting, distribution, and even pricing.

This is best for consulting firms, enterprises or B2B software companies, and developers.

8. Petal

Landing page of Petal a white label solution

Petal is a white label solution that uses AI for document analysis.

You can ‘chat’ with your documents and extract the exact information you need in seconds.

That is, Petal uses AI to understand a document’s contents, and by asking simple questions using a chat feature, you’ll find the exact information you need. You don’t have to read the whole document.

This is powerful for researchers in academia and corporations that have vast quantities of documentation. Petal is also great for industry experts who want to find key points from technical documents.

You can offer Petal’s features under your brand name since it’s available as a white-label solution. And you don’t have to worry about maintenance as it handles updates and security.

It’s also continuously improving and optimizing to beat the competition, ensuring you remain a top provider in document analysis.

Some ways to use Petal are for chatbot training, optimizing HR workflows, and quality assurance. It’s also powerful for researchers. It’s worth noting that at a consumer level, you can easily use AI summarize tools for small numbers of documents.

9. Rezi for Companies

Rezi is an amazing AI resume builder.

It helps you create optimized resumes that match best practices for resume writing. And you can use it to individually customize your resume for every job you apply to.

In this way, it helps resumes get past Applicant Tracking Systems so that human eyes can assess your skills and fit for a job.

You can white-label Rezi’s solutions in three different ways:

  • Give individuals powerful insights and learning as part of a resume building experience
  • Help your employer or business review resumes better
  • Offer software upgrades to job seekers to boost their resumes and so earn passive revenue

10. Resoume

Another white label soulution Resoume's landing page

This is a great white label tool for driving revenue and offering resume services as an SaaS without building it from scratch.

Similar to Rezi, Resoume also offers a white-label resume-building solution.

You can help clients by creating customized resumes that help them get the job of their dreams. By using it’s white label option, you can offer templates, get an ATS score, offer multiple language support, and add AI to generate suitable content for a resume.

You can easily add your brand to Resoume’s platform and integrate it with your current services. It also has clever upselling opportunities to boost your final sales value and generate recurring revenue.

11. Swift AI Solutions

If you want to start a full-fledged AI business without writing a single line of code, then this is the platform for you. 

Swift AI Solutions offers an extraordinary set of features right from a custom website to a ChatGPT dashboard. You can sell conversational AI solutions by simply adding your brand to ‘SwiftboardTM’. 

Here’s what you get when you use the white label Swift AI Solutions. 

  • AI Dashboard: You can give your clients a personalised dashboard where they can use ChatGPT prompts to create content for their needs. 
  • Website: You get a fully hosted website with a custom domain, logo, and so on. Your clients will login to use your tools.
  • SEO: Swift AI Solutions will do the job of optimizing your site and ensuring that customers find you.
  • Over 50 templates are available to craft ads, blog posts, landing page content, emails, and so on.

In this way, you can build a full generative AI business and offer content creation services to others. 

12. Engati Whitelabel Chatbot

Engati is a platform that allows you to white label and resell it’s chatbot abilities. 

The brand is highly focused on enabling customer success using chatbots. 

One of the reasons to consider Engati is that you get great support and training on how best to optimize Engati’s chatbot solutions. 

You can use it to help your customers generate leads, sales, and provider better customer satisfaction with the help of chatbots. 

Start Your Own AI Platform Without Any Coding!

As you can see, there are countless white-label AI tools available for businesses and individuals.

And the best part is that most of them require little to no coding experience.

By using these tools, you can offer your clients powerful AI solutions under your brand name and generate recurring revenue or passive income.

So don’t wait any longer, start looking for the perfect white-label AI tool for your business or personal brand today.

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