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Do you want a magic tool that transforms lengthy articles and posts into easy-to-read key points?

You’re in luck! In the age of AI tools, it’s easier than ever to summarize any text in one click.

And one of the best tools for summarizing long text is QuillBot Summarizer.

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Summarize text up to 1200 words for free with QuillBot. Upgrade to its premium edition unlimited summaries. It’s highly affordable.

I’ll share all about the QuillBot Summarizer tool and how you can use it. You’ll save hours of time daily and never miss out on important information from any type of text.

I’ll also share ways you can use this AI summary tool effectively in your work and study. 

Let’s get started!

What is the QuillBot Summarizer Tool?

QuillBot is an AI paraphrasing tool. It offers many features like its citation generator, co-writer platform, and the Summarizer.

You can summarize long texts, articles, papers, blog posts, news, and so on with just a click.

QuillBot will give you the main points of any content you insert into its AI summarizer tool. You’ll get a brief and accurate summary of the topic you want to learn about. 

7 Ways to Use the QuillBot Summarizer Tool

All you have to do is get on the QuillBot site and go its Summarizer option.

Then, insert the content you want to summarize.

With a click of the ‘Summarize’ button, any long text is condensed into its main points. And not only that, QuillBot’s AI summarizer tool is accurate.

You’ll get the key information you need easily and use it for your research, learning, marketing or whatever your goal is.

Here are some applications or use cases of the QuillBot text summarizer.

1. Read News and Blog Content Faster

The benefit of using an online summary generator is that it’ll take you a fraction of the time to read any article.

No matter if you want to know what happened in the news or understand an advanced article on a topic. QuillBot Summarizer will make it easier for you to digest and process content quickly.

For people who want to know the news but don’t have time, they’ll get important points right away.

For researchers, students, and content writers, they’ll boost productivity and save time.

2. Pre-check Your Article Content before Publishing

If you’re planning to publish something, make sure it’s clear and to the point.

With QuillBot summarizer, you can make your content is easily readable by showcasing its main messages. 

Check the key points that it delivers after summarizing your content. If the results don’t match up to your intent, then you may want to rewrite or restructure your work.

3. Get Ideas for Content Creation

Sometimes, writers get stuck in the middle of creating content – whether it’s a blog post or publishing an article. The QuillBot summarizer tool could help you brainstorm ideas by extracting the main theses of multiple posts, news, or papers. 

Compare the different notes you get and look for inspiration. You’ll have a rich source to develop new content ideas. 

4. Distill Relevant Information for Your Essay, Paper, or Research

The text summarizer tool is also useful for students, researchers, or academics who want to capture all important information. Typically, you’d have to read dozens or hundreds of articles to find relevant information. 

But thanks to QuillBot’s AI Summarizer Tool, you can quickly get the main points of any long text. This is great if you want to avoid wasting time on irrelevant journal articles or posts. 

You’ll quickly find important data and ideas to add to your research paper or essay without spending hours reviewing the original source.

You should also use QuillBot’s Citation Generator to ensure you correctly cite any original work.

The platform has an awesome AI-based citation tool that properly cites journal papers, books, and online sources. You can even choose the style, whether it’s APA, Chicago Manual of Style, or something else. It’s free and easy to use. 

Also, it’s worth checking out its premium plagiarism checker to ensure that the summary or your text is not plagiarized.

5. Repurpose Your Content for Social Media

If you’re into digital marketing, a summary generator can help rewrite, shorten, and repurpose your existing posts, white papers, and ebooks.

Easily convert long-form text into the necessary points and share them on social media. Summaries are great for LinkedIn posts, X (formerly Twitter) posts, Facebook, and more.

This way, you won’t have to rewrite content, reuse your existing content, and redistribute your work for greater reach.

6. Shorten Video Transcriptions

If you have transcriptions of YouTube videos, webinars, podcasts, or any other audio/video content – you can use a summarizer to make the conversation points easier to read.

This way, you can quickly get the gist of what was discussed without going through long paragraphs of text.

7. Find and Compare Key Ideas across Different Texts

Sometimes, you need to find the common ground between different texts that you’re researching.

For this purpose, QuillBot’s AI-powered Summarizer Tool helps find each source’s key points or thesis. You can then compare them to each other and check for similarities or differences.

This will help you reinforce your message or develop a new insight. In this way, you’ll save time and make sure that your research is not biased or subjective.

Boost Productivity, Learn More, and Save Time With QuillBot Summarizer

QuillBot’s AI Summarizer is a great online tool to shorten long pieces of text into concise and relevant key points.

You should know that you can summarize up to 1200 words at a time for free.

If you need to summarize content often, then it’s by investing in QuillBot premium. It’s highly affordable and is cheaper when you opt for an annual or semi-annual plan.Also, check out my full QuillBot review of its many other features. You’ll be a more productive and powerful writer in no time.

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