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Whether for link building or brand building, blogger outreach has become an important part of digital marketing.

Blogger outreach is all about connecting with influential bloggers in your niche and persuading them to promote your content. But it’s easier said than done.

Tracking down, and maintaining relationships with such influential bloggers for your blogger outreach strategy, is a bothersome task. 

But nowadays, you can pass on these nerve-wracking tasks to someone else. 

Wanna know to whom? Well, to the right blogger outreach tools capable of carrying out successful campaigns.

These tools are specially built to make your blogger outreach campaigns easier, faster, and simpler. 

But how do they do it? Or what are the outreach tasks that they take care of? Let’s find out.

What do Blogger Outreach Tools Do?

If you’re serious about link building and influencer outreach, then you need to be using an outreach tool.

  • Outreach tools help you manage your link-building and outreach campaigns by automating repetitive tasks.
  • They keep your contacts organized.
  • With an outreach tool, you can quickly find potential link partners and influencers.

Track your progress, and measure the results of your campaigns. This makes it easy to scale your outreach efforts and get the most out of your link-building and influencer relationships.

  • Other than these outreach tools also takes care of your email outreach.
  • Personalize and automate messages that you send out to potential link partners or influencers.

These are just some of the tasks done by blogger outreach tools. They can do more. And that’s why you should opt for a blogger outreach tool.

The Best Blogger Outreach Tools

So embarking on outreach campaigns without a reliable outreach tool is a definite no-no. 

But with so many blogger outreach tools crowding the market, choosing one can take a lot of work.

But this article can make it easy, as here, we present a list of the best blogger outreach tools just for you.

1. BuzzSumo

my Pick


If we’re talking about the best blogger outreach tools, we’ll have to mention BuzzSumo.

It lets you quickly find influencers in your niche, track your follow-ups, and measure your success rate.


Outreach Campaigns Features

Finding out influencers or bloggers in your niche with BuzzSumo is a cakewalk. 

BuzzSumo can find the bloggers who are likely to accept your outreach efforts by using the content analyzer feature. With this BuzzSumo feature, you can find the most shared content in your niche.

BuzzSumo find influencers feature page

From that, you would be able to filter influencers who did the most sharing. Then target them. And reach out to them to get your content shared as well. 

BuzzSumo also presents you with the list of authors of the most shared content. You’ll have a number of people to reach out to. 

BuzzSumo is also available as a chrome extension, which makes it even easier to find influencers and monitor your campaigns.

Email Outreach Features

BuzzSumo Monitoring page showing more features of BuzzSumo in details

BuzzSumo provides email templates and detailed reporting to help you streamline your outreach efforts.

It also provides a CRM feature, which helps to track your relationship with potential bloggers. With this feature, you’ll never miss out on following up.

And because it integrates with other popular tools like Hootsuite and Zapier, BuzzSumo makes it easy to manage your outreach campaigns from one central location.

Ultimately, BuzzSumo’s features make it an indispensable tool for any blogger looking to build links and increase their reach.


BuzzSumo has plans for both monthly and yearly basis. And for both cases, the plan names remain the same, only the subscription figures change. These plans are as follows –

  • Pro – $99 /month and $79 / year
  • Plus – $179 /month and $139 /year
  • Large – $299 /month and $239 /year

On top of that, it has a free plan with limited access.

2. BuzzStream

2ND Pick


When it comes to outreach, BuzzStream is the best tool for the job. With its powerful link-building and outreach capabilities, BuzzStream makes it easy to connect with influencers and build relationships that can help your business succeed.


Here’s a closer look at some of the features that make BuzzStream the best blogger outreach tool:

Outreach Campaigns Features

BuzzStream makes it easy to create and manage blogger outreach campaigns. With its campaign management tools, you can easily track your progress and measure your success.

All the research work drop it on BuzzStream. Whether you want to find the contact information, website stats, or social media presence of potential influencers, BuzzStream can do it all.

Email outreach Features

BuzzStream’s email outreach capabilities are second to none. With its built-in templates and customizable email messages, you can easily connect with bloggers and promote your business.

You can filter through the database to find the right contacts. Moreover, it shows all the rates like Open, Click, and response rates for your contacts. Along with customizable email messages, you’ll also find an automated follow-up feature.

Link Building Features

BuzzStream’s link-building features are incredibly powerful. 

With its ability to track links and build quality backlinks, you can quickly improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Overall, BuzzStream is the best blogger outreach tool because of its powerful features and ease of use.


For BuzzStream, you’ll find four pricing plans billed on per month basis. These plans are as follows –

  • Starter – $24 / month
  • Growth – $124 / month ( most popular of all)
  • Professional – $299 /month
  • Custom – $999 /month

Plus, it offers a 14-day trial free plan too.

3. Respona

2nd Pick


Respona is one of the best blogger outreach tools available.

It streamlines the process of link-building and makes it easier to connect with relevant bloggers. Blogger outreach can be a time-consuming process. Check out the features Respona offers to save time and effort.


But Respona’s software makes it much simpler by automating many of the tasks involved, like:

Blogger Outreach Software

Respona is built with blogger outreach software, which has an extensive database of relevant bloggers. 

For example, Respona’s user interface allows you to quickly create lists of target bloggers and track your progress as you reach out to them.

With Respona you don’t need to track down relevant bloggers manually. It comes with an auto-pilot option that tracks down the influential bloggers of your niche automatically.

Email Outreach Features

With the database for relevant bloggers sorted the next step is to send out outreach emails. 

And Respona does that efficiently, by offering numerous templates, personalizing pitches, and sending out emails.

It also has an automated follow-up feature. There’s also an insight tab available for you to check your outreach campaign’s progress.

All these features make Respona an essential tool for anyone serious about building links.


Respona offers both monthly and yearly plans. It has a Starter plan for $99 per month and a Starter yearly plan for $79.

Plus, it also extends a 7-day free trial option, for you to test out the blogger software.

4. Snov.io

4th Pick


Snov.io is an email outreach tool that helps you find email addresses and email templates. Snov.io makes it easy to connect with bloggers and influencers in your industry or niche.


Email Outreach Features

Drop down product menu of Snov.io showing all its feature options like email finder, email verifier

With Snov.io, you can find email addresses for any domain or company with its email finder feature. Just upload a list of domains on the Bulk Domain search and get a list of emails.

You can also find email templates for any industry or niche. Snov.io allows you to personalize your emails with your voice and tone.

You can also add a personal touch to your email by adding attachments, images, and links.

It has an Email Drip Campaign option, enabling you to send out emails to your contacts on a scheduled basis and in batches. In this campaign, you can personalize emails, set triggers, have complete sending control, and automate follow-ups.

Once, you are done with the outreach campaign, all the data and analytics can be accessed in the Reports Lab.

Moreover, you can access several tools while working on Snov.io, as it comes with third-party integrations like MailChimp, Slack, and Zapier.


Snov.io has three paid plans. Its minimum plan is

  • Starter which starts at $39 per month. 
  • Then comes the Pro for $99 per month.
  • Finally the Custom plan for $999 per month.

In addition to all these plans, it also has a free option that gives limited access and 10 credits per day.

5. Ninja Outreach

5th Pick

Ninja Outreach

Ninja outreach can streamline the process of conducting an outreach campaign. 

Ninja outreach provides users with a powerful software platform that makes it easy to manage every aspect of their campaign.


Outreach Campaigns Features

It offers a wide range of features that are designed to make conducting an outreach campaign as efficient and effective as possible. Whether business profiles or email addresses, your search for it all will end with Ninja Outreach.

The opening page of Ninja Outreach showing all its features

This outreach tool has an advanced search feature. It can filter through millions of profiles to find the exact contacts you need.

Email Outreach Features

You can launch outreach campaigns with Ninja Outreach and keep your email contact going. From customizable templates, automatic follow-ups, and detailed reporting with Ninja Outreach you’ll have it all covered.

The Ninja Outreach software's landing page consisting the features required for email outreach and managing campaigns.

It also provides an A/B testing feature that allows users to send out different versions of their emails and track the results. Plus, it lets you connect with integrations such as Gmail, Zapier, and Slack.

As a result, ninja outreach is an essential tool for anyone looking to conduct a successful outreach campaign.


Ninja Outreach is again a tool with monthly and yearly plans. The names of the plans remain the same only the amounts change. These plans are as follows –

  • Flex – $389 /month and $155 /year
  • Silver – $589 /month and $255 /year
  • Silver Plus – $849 /month and $459 /month

Plus, it has a 7-day free trial provision for you to know more about the tool.

6. Hunter.io

6th Pick


Whether finding email addresses or tracking your outreach progress Hunter will aid you with it all and more. It has made its space among the bests with its features.


Outreach Campaign Features

The first and foremost job for outreach campaigns is to fish out authoritative contacts and Hunter will do the job in no time. To find and filter your niche business you can use the Domain Search option. All you have to do is enter a domain name and get an array of email addresses, names, and their scores.

While to get email addresses for professionals, you can use the email finder attribute of Hunter.

The email finder is a great way to quickly get in touch with bloggers, and the domain search makes it easy to find guest posting opportunities.

Email Outreach Features

Once done sorting the targeted email list, you can depend on Hunter’s Campaign software. This aspect of Hunter is all about cold emailing and automating follow-ups.

The Hunter software opening page and the product dropdown menu on it show all the blogger outreach-related necessary features like domain search, email outreach, email verifier, campaigns etc.

It offers email templates and a customer attribute option that lets you personalize the email. Something like scheduling and tracking email campaigns are also some attributes of Hunter.

You can also keep track of your outreach progress with the built-in CRM. Hunte makes the blogger outreach process more simple and easy with its connection with other tools. It can collaborate with a number of assisting tools like Zapier and Mailshake.


Hunter comes with 4 plans – Starter, Growth, Pro, and Business. For Starter, Growth, Pro, or Business you’ll have to pay $49, $99, $199, and $399 respectively on a monthly basis.

Winding Up

Blogger outreach is an unskippable step in digital marketing. It requires a lot of hard work and time for the outreach campaign to reach its desired outcome. 

But, with blogger outreach tools you can attain the same desired outcomes but with little effort. So blogger outreach tools are indispensable. 

And some of the best Outreach tools for managing and conducting a successful outreach campaign are mentioned above.

You can use any of these tools as per your requirements. All you need to do is go through the features and decide which tool will best suit your objectives.

Find the best one aligning with your objective within your budget and launch your outreach campaigns.

If you want to get a better understanding of digital marketing and how it can help you make money from your content, check out “How Content Creators Make Money.” It breaks down the various ways creators like you can earn cash from their work.

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