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Remote work is the reality of today. It’s true that not all jobs can be done remotely, but the writing field is one that has fully embraced remote work.

Hence, anyone with great writing skills and knowledge of the digital landscape can land a content writer job from home. All you’ll have to do is apply.

Now, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because coming across remote content writer jobs that actually fit your skills and interests isn’t as simple.

On top of that, nowadays, there’s a problem of fake jobs as well. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy on scams, you’ve got to be careful and search only on authentic websites.

What are these websites where you can find the best remote writing jobs? All are listed below.

Websites & Platforms For Remote Writing Jobs

The following are the best places for a copywriter, freelancer, or any type of writer to find a company to work for.


LinkedIn is your professional world’s Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter combined.

It’s just more of a formal and professional version social media platform popular for job searching and networking.

Nowadays, almost everyone, starting from students to experienced professionals, all are on LinkedIn.

And it’s the best place to find an authentic job offering an appropriate content writer salary. Statistics state that more than 61 million people use LinkedIn each week to find their dream job.

For anyone in a writing career or beginning to look for remote writing jobs, this is where you should start. You can either use the job search page or join content writer employment groups related to writing and writer jobs.

Browse through them and you’ll come across plenty of job listings.

#contentwriter #Remote #jobs - is what you need to type in LinkedIn to search for remote content writer jobs

Just type in the ‘remote writing jobs’ or ‘best remote writing jobs’ on the job search option, and hit search. And it’ll show you all possible remote content writer opportunities.

If you don’t specify then it’ll present you with different job types like part-time, full-time, and even freelancing options.

Other than this you can also keep track of group job opportunities that are often posted there. Searching using a ‘#’ like ‘#writingjobs’ and LinkedIn will pull up relevant jobs.

LinkedIn is one of the go-to job boards for freelance writers as well.

As a freelance writer, search using terms like’ #freelancewritingjobs’ and LinkedIn will provide you with numerous gigs. Some might be posted by companies or individuals looking for in-house writers, while others might be from writing agencies selling content creation services to other brands.

You can even find remote jobs from different countries. Like using ‘#’ write content creator Australia jobs and LinkedIn will pull up remote content creator job openings in Australia.


Don’t let the name fool you. Internshala isn’t only for internships.

It also has many full-time and part-time jobs for remote writers.

From copywriting to writing articles, and blogs, Internshala hosts several job opportunities for writers of all levels.

Since we are focusing on remote working only, that’s why we might not be talking much about it. But this website features amazing onsite opportunities as well.

And you won’t have to worry about fake jobs as well, since Internshala is very particular with the companies hiring. They would cancel out and remove any job posting if it’s found to be suspicious.

It’s a website popular among students. Why?

Because it’s a hub of internships. These internships are mostly remote and of a few months with good payout. Companies often hire writers for content and blog writing, which eventually might convert into a full-time position.

Best Writing

If you want to go international with your writing skills then this website is for you. Also, as the name suggests this website is solely a ‘content writer wanted’ site.

That is you’ll mostly find writing jobs or roles involving content creation.

It’s a website that’s crammed with hiring posts for different remote content writer jobs from all around the world.

Here also, they feature part-time, full-time, contractual, and freelancing options, and also from around the world. If you’re a freelance writer wanting to collaborate with international clients, you might land your next opportunity here.

One thing though, Best Writing hardly posts onsite jobs, it’s only remote writing jobs. I myself have accessed this platform many times, but have rarely come across onsite options.

Also, for remote writing jobs, be sure to check out for which countries the remote option of a job is applicable. Because even though it’s an international platform, some specific jobs might only be open in a specific country. You’ll find the country mentioned in the bracket just beside the remote tag.

They usually mention the country in a bracket beside the remote option, so check that out before applying.


Not just for writing jobs but for any job, Indeed is a go-to website.

This platform is popular among employers as well because it has millions of user accounts on its site. The chances of connecting with the ideal candidate are higher for employers.

Along with writing jobs, on Indeed companies post for other content creation and management opportunities like content strategists, social media, or digital marketing content creators, and editors.

The site allows you to choose your job type like other sites as well. Whether you will be searching for a full-time position or sticking to the part-time options, depends on you.

But do pay attention to the hiring companies, and if possible do some research as well. Since, on Indeed you might get caught in some fake or scam job posting as well.


People might often tell you that this site is mainly for hiring freelancers or contractual projects.

But that’s not really true. If you search for it then you’ll find remote content writing full-time or permanent roles as well.

And it brings you an array of content creation opportunities. Employers here actually specify the job roles in detail.

For example, if they require someone to write landing pages, then that’s what they’ll write in the post title. Or someone might even post a job role involving just writing business letters. Just think you can even get paid to write letters.

So, be specific about what kind of writing job you are searching for when building your profile.

But remember, this site is not solely dedicated to writers. You’ll see projects or gigs for many other digital content creator roles like graphic design projects

Also, the operating policy of this website is a bit different from others. Here, you need to create an account or profile and mention your skills and interests. You can choose writing skills if you’re a writer or content creator.

What’s different is the ‘Connect’s that you need for applying. Based on your skills the site will give you a certain number of connects which can be used to apply for different jobs.

Each job has the number of connects required for applying mentioned in it. You can use your connects accordingly.

However, you should know that these connects get exhausted. But you can access them again by refilling. For refilling you can either pay for more connects or earn them through completed projects.


A site dedicated to remote jobs only.

It has a page dedicated to remote writing jobs only. Similarly, it has separate dedicated pages for other remote roles like remote marketing jobs, remote editor jobs, remote graphic design jobs, etc.

Another reason why you should give this site a visit is because it features international opportunities. You’ll find jobs posted by the US, Canada, or other international companies.

And most of these remote content writer jobs offer full-time or part-time positions. You could also come across freelancing gigs as well. But that’s a little rare.

Other than these, the application part is pretty similar to other sites. You have to submit your resume or portfolio, and sometimes a cover letter as well.

Final Thoughts

There are many job portals that offer remote writing positions. But the key is to find the right one for you.

Each of these sites has its own features and policies, so make sure to research them before applying.

Also, keep this in mind, that these websites have a large pool of applicants, so make sure to stand out with a strong resume and portfolio.

With the rise of remote working, more and more companies are looking for writers who can work remotely. Similarly, writers like us are also looking for remote content writer jobs.

So if you’re a writer or aspire to become one, keep an eye on these job portals to grab a remote writing job that suits you well.

This resource can be valuable for content writers of all types, whether you’re a blog writer, SEO content specialist, technical writer, or copywriter.

Discover a range of opportunities and find the perfect match for your skills and career goals here

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