The best content writers charge the highest prices for quality work
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As a professional content writer, most interactions I have in the ‘wild’ about content writing services boil down to price.

Business owners, marketing managers, and others hiring content writers look for cheap and affordable writing services (not all, but too many).

Especially now since AI can handle most of the work, right?

And yet, the same people who hire freelancers for the cheapest price are unhappy with the poor quality of work they get.

When they want to hire good writers, they’re shocked to find that top writers ask for anything between $150 to $800 USD.

And the lower range of this number is really low-balling it. The best writers’ charges often begin at $300 at a minimum and can easily go to $1250 USD a post.

And I’ll explain why here. I argue that you lose money in the short term and long term when you hire cheap writers for cheap writing services. The end result can be several tens of thousands of dollars in missed revenue that a professional piece of content could bring in.

Why the Best Content Writers Charge So Much

Some of the reasons laid out here might surprise you, but they should also make you think. Good writers offer more than just words; they help you meet your business goals.

1. Good Content Writers Are Marketers

The highest paid content writers think holistically.

Writing to generate results online, like more traffic, engagement, and sales, is unlike writing for pleasure.

Content writers know how to write content that:

  • Is Google-friendly or search-engine-friendly
  • Readable for your audience
  • Leverages different psychological principles like FOMO, reciprocity, and trust.
  • Answers your audience’s burning questions and meets their intent.
  • Remove bloat from content.
  • Drives people to stay longer on your website, click on your buttons, sign up, and more.
  • Builds your authority in your industry.

In other words, content writers ARE marketers who write.

They’re not throwing words together for the sake of it – they’re deliberate about the approach and tone they use and when they need to use it.

Your content should perform, and good content writers have the skills needed to make it happen.

2. They Understand Intent

Writers who charge more know about search intent

Intent drives everything online.

When someone searches for a query on Google, they have an intent. Maybe they want more information or to buy something immediately.

If your content misses the mark and doesn’t meet that intent, then it’s as good as useless.

Professional content writers understand how to perform proper keyword research and create content that meets that intent using those keywords.

They understand how to structure the content, what to include and omit, how to frame headlines, and how to add value for searchers.

They also know when it’s appropriate to use long-tail keywords or short-tail ones, where your target audience is in the buying cycle and how best to address their needs.

3. They Research Key Information

Good content writers are in the business of creating quality and authoritative work.

They understand that they need to work hard at researching industry topics, gathering information and data from reliable sources, and analyzing it before putting together a compelling piece.

They also know the importance of being up-to-date with industry developments, trends, and changes in algorithms or best practices.

This persistent effort is the foundation of producing excellent work that readers will find valuable and shareable.

Also, they do research to include related concepts in their posts. For example, they refer to a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and learn about the other topics people ask related to the main keyword.

They include these topics in their content so that the reader gets a complete answer to their question.

4. They Apply SEO Best Practices

Search engines like Google continuously update their algorithms. As a result, SEO best practices are always shifting.

Good content writers must stay abreast of these changes and adjust their writing accordingly so that you don’t have to worry about it.

They know all the latest rules around keyword density, meta descriptions, link-building strategies, alt tags for images, and more.

In other words, they know enough to stay away from “black hat” SEO techniques and ensure your content ranks well organically.

5. They Are Problem Solvers

When I write content for my clients, I’m actually problem-solving.

A blog post can have several moving parts. For example, write a post that is different from the competition but not so different that Google thinks it’s irrelevant.

I might have to add challenging keywords that don’t necessarily fit together (This is a real-life problem I’ve had to solve for clients).

Next, I might have to write in a compelling tone that asks readers to take action but do so without being pushy.

And on and on.

In reality, content writing is often problem-solving. When you pay for writing services, you’re paying for expertise in problem-solving so that your content performs the way it should.

6. They Are Experts in a Niche

The most highly paid content writers are often experts in a particular niche.

They’ve spent years cultivating their skills and knowledge, developing their unique voice and perspective, and building a reputation within that industry.

When you pay for writing services, you’re paying for access to this expertise. The content writer can understand your business, audience, and goals in-depth and translate them into compelling content that connects with your readers.

Check out the screenshot below of a health group offering between $400-2800 per article for writing product reviews and doing research. When your content has an impact on people’s lives, you must be willing to pay more for accurate writing.

Highly priced article rates. Source

7. They Offer More Than Just Writing

Good content writers understand that a blog post or webpage is just one small part of an overall marketing strategy.

They can offer more than just writing services; they can help with content planning, content distribution, and content promotion.

They can also advise on the best channels to use for your target audience, whether that’s social media, email marketing, or other avenues.

Their expertise extends beyond just writing to help you achieve your business goals through effective content marketing strategies.

8. Good Writers Build Your Brand Image

You would never get a tattoo from a cheap tattoo artist – someone with no experience or talent. You trust that the best tattoo artists charge the most because they’re that good at what they do.

So, why would you allow your brand to be pulled down by poorly written content by cheap content writers?

Good writers elevate your brand by providing your readers with QUALITY information.

They also understand the importance of consistency in tone and voice across all platforms. And they strive rigorously to deliver work that represents your brand accurately and professionally.

9. They Save Time and Remove a Burden from your shoulders

As a business owner or marketer, time is money. And writing quality content takes time – a lot of it.

When you hire professional content writers, you’re freeing up your valuable time to focus on other aspects of running your business.

They also take away the burden of constantly creating fresh content, which can become mentally exhausting and lead to fatigue and burnout.

By outsourcing your content writing needs, you can ensure a steady flow of high-quality content without sacrificing your precious time or energy.

The Best Writers Charge More For Good Reason

In the end, highly paid writers take a lot of worry off your plate.

They treat each piece of content as a powerful asset – a veritable brick in the building that is your brand.

They understand how to craft content that resonates with your audience, attracts and engages potential customers, and ultimately drives business growth.

So, the next time you’re wondering why good writers charge so much, remember that they are not just writing words on a page. They are creating valuable assets for your business that will deliver returns far beyond their initial cost. So invest wisely and see the difference it makes in your content marketing strategy.

Looking for quality content writing services? I have a few slots available – reach out, and let’s work together!


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