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Tired of writing for businesses and clients who want to charge you pennies per word?

Are you struggling to make enough money without burning out?

This post is for you.

Here are my best tips on how you can charge more for your blog content.

I’ve been a content writer for six years, and I’ve ghostwritten for CEOs and business leaders in top publications. Think Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

One major breakthrough in my career was getting paying clients for $300 per blog post. I do not work for less than $150 per post at a minimum and am phasing this out even as I grow and target ‘five-star’ clients.

You’re at the right place if you want similar results or to do even better.

(YSK, writers like Dominic Kent in unified communications make 6-figures a year – read his book to learn how he does it).

Here’s how you can provide more value via content writing and charge more.

1. Understand Your Client’s Goals

Ensure that you are writing matches your customers goals to charge more money

Your writing should be the bridge between your client’s goals and their target audience.

You need to understand what they are trying to achieve with the content you provide, whether it’s driving more traffic, increasing conversions, or establishing thought leadership.

This will help you tailor your writing style and tone to meet their specific needs and deliver results that align with their objectives.

Additionally, understanding your client’s goals will allow you to position yourself as a valuable asset and charge accordingly for your services.

2. Build SEO Writing Skills

Learn SEO writing to offer more value to clients and make more money

Your clients want content that performs. This means their content should be optimized for search engines and rank high on Google.

To provide this value, you need to understand SEO writing. This includes keyword research, backlinking, and creating optimized meta tags.

By providing well-written, SEO-optimized content, you are ensuring that your clients’ websites will rank higher in search engine results, which means they will gain more visibility and traffic. This is a valuable service that you can offer to your clients, and they will be willing to pay more for it.

3. Link Your Writing to Outcomes

Businesses are not just looking for good writing; they are looking for results.

When pitching to potential clients, focus on how your writing can help them achieve their goals and impact their business positively. This could include increasing website traffic, improving search engine rankings, or driving more conversions.

By linking your writing to tangible outcomes, you are showing the value of your services and justifying the higher rates you charge. You can also track and measure these outcomes to showcase your success to future clients.

4. Use SEO and Content Optimization Tools

It’s not enough to have SEO writing skills; you also need to use the right tools.

These tools will make your job easier and allow you to produce higher-quality content in a shorter amount of time.

Also, top clients may already have a subscription to these tools and will be impressed that you are familiar with them. It shows that you take your craft seriously and are willing to invest in the proper resources.

Some popular SEO and content optimization tools include Clearscope, SurferSEO, Page Optimizer Pro, and more. When you’re familiar with such tools, you stand to provide more value and earn more.

5. Develop Subject Matter Expertise

Become an expert and focus on a niche area as a blog writer to earn more

One way to command higher rates as a content writer is by developing subject matter expertise. This means deeply understanding specific industries or niches and being able to write about them with authority and confidence.

Clients are often looking for writers who can provide valuable insights and knowledge about their industries.

By becoming a subject matter expert, you are positioning yourself as an authority in your field, which makes your writing more valuable.

To develop subject matter expertise, you can start by selecting a few niches or industries that interest you and focusing on learning everything there is to know about them. This can include reading industry publications, attending conferences and webinars, and networking with professionals in the field.

It’s even more valuable when you’ve been a professional in the industry before transitioning to content writing. This firsthand experience gives you a unique perspective that other writers may not have.

Check out this image below of a REAL freelance writing gig where they pay starts at $750 and goes up to $1000 per article!

Freelance writers can find such gigs on All Freelance Writing and other spaces that focus on quality content for high rates. As you can see, having expertise in an area like hedge fund law, healthcare, and having the ability to interview subject matter experts is critical to earn high-paying writing opportunities.

6. Deliver ‘Perfect’ Work

No editor or hiring manager wants to spend extra time fixing grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. In fact, some will reject your work if they see too many mistakes.

To charge more for your content writing services, you need to deliver ‘perfect’ work. This means thoroughly proofreading and editing your work before submitting it. It also means using tools like Grammarly, QuillBot, or ProWritingAid to catch any errors you may have missed.

By delivering high-quality, error-free work, you are demonstrating your professionalism and attention to detail, which can justify the higher rates you charge.

Also, never be late in submitting your work. Consistently meeting deadlines is a must if you want to be taken seriously as a professional content writer.

Finally, share your work in a neatly formatted Google Doc. This is the most-used tool among professionals, and it makes it easy for clients to provide feedback and make edits.

7. Position Yourself as an Authority

As mentioned earlier, becoming a subject matter expert can help you charge more for your content writing services.

But it’s not just about having knowledge; it’s also about positioning yourself as an authority in the industry. So, personal branding plays a crucial role in this.

Start by creating a professional website that showcases your portfolio, client testimonials, and any industry accomplishments or awards you may have. This will act as a virtual resume and showcase your expertise to potential clients.

Also, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. By consistently sharing valuable insights and tips related to your niche, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader and attracting potential clients.

Additionally, consider writing guest posts for reputable industry publications. This will not only give you exposure but also enhance your credibility as a writer and industry expert.

8. Seek Better Clients

You have to target wealthyer clients to charge more money as a writer

The reality is that not all businesses are willing or able to pay higher rates for quality content. That’s why it’s important to seek out better clients.

This may mean targeting larger companies, startups with funding, or businesses in industries that typically have a higher budget for marketing and content creation.

You can find businesses with a strong budget by using tools like LinkedIn Navigator, Crunchbase, or through manual research.

Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to people in decision-making roles like CEOs, marketing managers, and anyone relevant in a business.

Also, network with other professionals and ask for referrals. Often, word-of-mouth recommendations can lead to higher-paying clients.

9. Look for Businesses With Great Content

Convincing businesses that quality content is worth the investment can be challenging, especially if they’ve had bad experiences with content writers in the past.

Instead of trying to teach businesses the value of good content, look for those who already understand it. These businesses will be more willing to pay higher rates for quality work because they see the importance of it.

You can easily identify these businesses by looking at their current website and social media presence. If their content is well-written, engaging, and optimized for SEO, that’s a sign that they prioritize quality content. Use this as a selling point in your pitch to them.

10. Build a Good Reputation and Relationship

I had an experience where a client lost my work after delivery.

Unfortunately, I failed to maintain a full copy of the work I delivered to them. I only saved 65% of the content in my personal files.

I could have told my clients that this was not my responsibility. I could have asked for more money. But I took this as an opportunity to build goodwill. I rewrote the entire missing part of the article and it wasn’t easy.

Aside from creating a good relationship in this way, I also built a reservoir for grace.

There are times when you might struggle as a writer and face challenges. For example, you might fall sick or just find the topic hard to write about or get burned out.

By building a good reputation and relationship with your clients, you can rely on their understanding and support during these times.

Such clients will value your work and be more willing to pay higher rates because they know the quality of your writing and your professionalism.

11. Continuously Improve Your Skills

The content writing industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and techniques emerging all the time. To stay competitive and continue charging higher rates, it’s crucial to continuously improve your skills.

This could involve taking online courses, attending workshops or conferences, or even just reading blogs and articles related to content writing. By staying up-to-date with industry best practices and incorporating them into your writing, you can offer higher value to clients and justify charging more for your services.

Become a Highly Paid Content Writer!

While it takes time and effort to increase your rates as a content writer, it is not impossible.

By implementing these strategies, you can position yourself as an authority, attract better clients, and showcase the value of your services, allowing you to charge higher rates and earn what you deserve as a skilled content writer.

Remember, it’s not just about writing well; it’s also about branding yourself as an expert, building solid relationships with clients, and continuously improving your skills to deliver high-quality, results-driven content.

So start implementing these tips and watch your rates increase as you establish yourself as a top-notch content writer in the industry!

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