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Left your content writer job to become a freelancer writer? Or do you simply want to work for some additional income?

No matter your reason, freelance writing has become hugely popular in recent years. There are more freelance writers than ever before. And with the belief that ‘freelancing-is-so-convenient’, the trend is likely to grow further.

But the problem is that freelance writing jobs are unlimited. Plus, not all the job boards pay well; they save bucks when it comes to paying the writers.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your freelance writing career has to look grim and full of struggles. Because there are some freelance writing sites that offer the best freelance writing jobs. We’ll learn what they are in this post and why you should join them. Dive in!

Pepper Content

Becoming a creator here is like having a permanent job.

An all-in-one marketing platform, Pepper Content takes care of your blog needs to social media posts.

But what sets this site apart is that it welcomes freelance writers and gets work done by them. For both experienced writers and freshers, this job board has something to work on.

There are both full-time and part-time freelancing options available. You get to enjoy the benefits of freelancing while getting paid like a permanent full-time employee.

Before welcoming you aboard, it does a little quiz on your experience and preferences. From your niche to the price you want, it will ask you everything.

You can quote your price on a word, hour, or project basis. The payment part is also in your favor. You can choose whether you want to get paid like a permanent employee every month or on a per-project basis.

One thing you should know is that choosing to get paid monthly would do you more good. It actually promises continuous work with the monthly payment choice.

With this site, it might seem like you have hit the jackpot for freelance writers. But hate to burst your bubble; becoming a freelance writer on this site isn’t a cakewalk.

First comes a grammar test, and then comes a writing skills test where you need to complete a writing assignment.

Fail to pass any, and you can forget about becoming a freelance writer here for some time, although you can reapply after a few months.


If going international is your plan, then head for PeoplePerHour.

It can be considered one of the best freelance writing websites, but remember this isn’t your like your Best Writing job website dedicated to writing jobs only.

Rather, this site is full of freelance opportunities for other fields too. Like developers, designers, marketers, and even virtual assistants.

Keeping that aside, know why you should use this site because –

  • The payout might not be very high on this freelance writing site, but you never run out of writing gigs.
  • Free sign-up. No need to give a grammar or writing test. However, your application needs to be approved by the PeoplePerHour team.
  • Less to zero scams. Job posts are usually authentic, and only verified employers are allowed to post jobs.

Let’s not look on the brighter side only. On this job site, you can’t access writing projects until and unless your application gets a go-ahead from the PeoplePerHour team.

Once you get approved, finding freelance writing opportunities isn’t so hard as the site will recommend jobs based on your skills and preferences.

And on finding your dream gig, you can start bidding by sending a standing-out-in-the-crowd proposal. But let’s be clear that PeoplePerHour doesn’t allow you to send more than 15 consider-me proposals.

But the thing that might bug you the most on this site is the way it deducts your pay. It does have a lot of fees like extra proposals, invoices, withdrawals, bank transfers, and conversion fee for every transaction is deducted from your pay.

The extra proposal and fees for application fast-tracking are optional but would have been great if they didn’t exist.

However, since the writing gigs never run out and if you work, the payout at the end isn’t bad for freelance writers.


one of the best freelance writing sites Pepper Content's joining as creators page

Fiverr isn’t like Pepper Content, a freelancing site dedicated to freelance writers only.

Instead, it’s similar to the PeoplePerHour freelance job website. From writing jobs to virtual assistants and designers, you get it all.

But if you’re a new freelance writer who is just starting their career or someone who simply wants some extra money, then this site is the perfect choice for your freelance career.

As a freelance writer, you’d be selling your service on Fiverr the middleman. And like the rest of the sites, you’ll have to apply, and if the buyer (the one who buys services) is convinced, then the gig is yours.

It’s a legit website, so there isn’t any fear of you not getting paid. However, one thing you should know is that Fiverr has a policy of taking about 20% of every transaction.

It’s kind of like the middleman fees. But after deducting the 20%, this freelance job board does pay you the rest.

But only after getting a confirmation from the buyer that they have received your work.

It makes sure that neither the buyer nor the seller gets duped.


Can be considered as the LinkedIn for freelancers right now.

It’s again a freelancing job board that offers freelance writing gigs along with other field jobs like web development, design, marketing, and others.

Even though it isn’t solely made for writing postings, without a doubt, it’s one of the best freelancer writing websites with high-paying clients.

For professional content writers, UpWork is a treat.

From individual to hotshot, corporate clients post their jobs on this site, so you have a variety of options to choose from – the client type, the niche, and, of course, the pay.

You can make a free account on this freelancing site, and you’ll be awarded some ‘connects’ depending on your qualifications, skills, and a good writing portfolio.

You need to spend your Connects carefully because, for every writing gig you apply, your Connects will get used.

Connects required actually vary from one freelance writing gig to another. Now, if you get selected and win the writing work, then a bonus of 10 Connects is yours.

This is one without-paying-extra way of refilling connects. PAID ONE is there, too.

You can pay an amount and buy a certain number of Connects to go on with applying.

Other than that, it’s another GO INTERNATIONAL kind of freelance job posting site.

Freelance Writers Den

The name is enough to clear the fact that it’s a writers-only freelance writing website.

But here’s a catch: this isn’t like your usual job boards with only job postings. Rather, it’s a community of writers, where you’ll have to pay a not-so-high nor not-so-low amount of $40 per month to become and remain a member.

Paying to become a part of the writing community might seem like a lot, but it’s not because here, the base pay for writing gigs begins from $75, a profit of exactly 35 dollars.

Obviously, there are much higher payouts as well, and with a community size of over 1100 experienced writers, which is only growing, you never run out of new jobs.

Aside from all these, what makes this community stand out is its other benefits.

As a community member, you get to access dozens of boot camps and podcasts brimming with valuable insights on writing. And if these are not enough, experts and professional writers conduct webinars on writing.

From writing tools to the simplest problems you’re stuck with, throw any question out in the community. And the Den will have your back.

You never know your question might even start a full-blown discussion.

So, it might not be one of your regular freelance writing sites, but it has some of the best writing gigs.


Again, Problogger isn’t one of the freelance writing sites.

It’s like any other blog, with the exception that it features job postings as well.

Other than insightful blogs on how to monetize writing and writing tips, you’ll find a Problogger job board with various job listings.

From resume writing to academic writing, you’ll find various types of content writing jobs. As a freelance writer, all you need to do is apply and research a little.

Research is required because scams are very frequent on this writing job board. But other than that, there aren’t any charges or fees. You get freelance work, and the entire pay is yours.


No doubt one of the best, but not the right beginner freelance writers.

Because Contently offers writing services to popular brands like Coca-Cola, Google, Walmart, etc.

But you can’t directly apply to the writing jobs on this site.

Contently gets its in-house team of experts to first go through the applications and your portfolio of writing samples. If you are deemed worthy – the chosen one – then only you’re welcome on this freelance writing website.

After that, this team also acts as the matchmaker and selects you for the writing gig that fits your talent.

But after all these, if you get selected for a gig, then you have the option to quote your pay, and Contently will take care of all the paperwork with the client needed to get you started.

It works as the middleman without demanding anything in return. The payout you get on this site is one of the best among all the other freelance writing sites.


Not a writing job, only a freelance site, but it has a special category for writers.

But for writing jobs, it’s a bit different approach here.

Rather than just applying, you’ll have to build an online portfolio and upload your resume as well.

MediaBistro is a very reliable site for freelance writers because its offers are all legit, with direct client contacts, minimal middleman interference, and no charges or transaction fees.

But the best thing about it is it has top-class clients like Bloomberg, CNN, and IBM. For professional writers with at least 3 years and good work under the belt, this freelance writing website is a gold mine.

Mostly, media companies and publishing houses post their freelance writing jobs here. It’s a hot spot for freelance journalists as well.

It also has some tools and learning courses, but for that, you need to take a subscription.


Last but not least, can be easily called the mecca of job postings, including freelance writing jobs.

You won’t even have to visit all these freelance writing sites if you know how to smartly utilize LinkedIn for freelance writing work.

To make the best of LinkedIn, you should join various writing that connects writers and writing niche groups.

Individuals and organizations also become a part of these groups to hire freelance writers. Or else, you can just take up the old is gold – ‘#’ tag trick.

Use terms like ‘#Contentwriting #FreelanceJobs or #Freelance content writing jobs, and LinkedIn will display all the posts with those hashtags.

And in them, you can easily find the job postings. Other than even freelance jobs are posted on the job board along with full-time permanent ones.

Level Up Your Freelance Career

From a rookie to an expert, these top freelance writing sites have something in store for everyone. And not just these five, but there are many other credible websites as well.

But the important thing is to never stop looking for work and always explore new opportunities. With the right approach and dedication, you can easily make a successful career as a freelance writer.

Don’t restrict your freelance writing career to only one or two of the above. It’s always better to have multiple sources and a diverse portfolio, for you never know when the flow of jobs on one site might dry up.

And if all else fails, there are always social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that offer numerous opportunities for freelancers.

So go ahead and start exploring these freelance writing sites, and who knows, you might just land your dream gig with a top brand or client.

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