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If you need a writer with a knack for compelling and persuasive writing, you’re in the right place.

We understand that finding the best fit for your freelance writing needs can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With an ever-increasing number of platforms claiming to be the top choice to hire freelance writers, how do you decide which one to use?

We’ve done some heavy lifting for you, and in this post, we’ll share the top websites where you can find exceptional freelance writers.

Remember, great content begins with hiring the right writer. Let’s get started!

Summary of the best websites to hire a writer:

  1. Tested and tried, classic, and affordable, but depends on you picking the right writer: Upwork
  2. High-quality writing from vetted professional writers: Writer Access and ProBlogger
  3. If you want ‘done-for-you’ freelance hiring services: Freelancer.com

7 websites to find a writer for hire

Let’s delve into the various platforms that can connect you with a professional writer, ensuring your content reaches new heights.

We’ll explore each site in detail and its main features, which will show you whether it’s right for your business needs.

1. Upwork

If you need a writer, you should use Upwork.

Upwork is a fantastic platform if you’re looking to hire a writer for your business needs.

I have personally hired several people for different jobs, including writing through this platform.

And the better your job posting is, the more likely you will find a suitable candidate.

It provides an extensive pool of freelance writers, allowing you to find someone who can deliver high-quality content tailored to your specific industry.

Upwork encourages you to contract and work with freelancers on their platform. You can also pay via upwork and only if you are satisfied with the quality of the work.

As such, it offers a lot of protection to employers.

What’s more, registering and posting a job on Upwork is completely free. And you can pay hourly or by project. Upwork even has an in-built work-tracking system.

Just detail your requirements, the scope of your project, and any specific skills needed. Remember, high-quality content is an integral part of any marketing strategy, and if you use upwork carefully, you will achieve that.

2. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is a good marketplace for finding writers and other freelancers.

Next up, we have Freelancer.com, another incredible platform to find highly qualified writers for your content creation needs.

Freelancer.com boasts of having the largest number of freelancers in writing, UX/UI, and other areas.

From writing articles to crafting comprehensive marketing strategies, the platform is teeming with talented individuals.

What sets Freelancer.com apart is its bidding setup. As the client, you get the chance to wait while writers contest for your attention.

They will bid for your project and offer their best rate while demonstrating their skills and experience. This way, you can pick an individual who undeniably suits your project requirements, ensuring the content you receive aligns with your vision.

I find that Freelancer has a user-friendly setup and uses AI to create your posting – so you don’t even have to write your own requirements.

My only hangup is that it seems to encourage bidders to apply by sending a generic proposal rather than a personalized one. And so, you need to dig a little deeper through chat conversations to find the right freelancer.

3. ProBlogger Job Board

If you’re looking for quality and don’t mind investing a bit more to secure it, the ProBlogger Job Board might just be your go-to resource. It’s known for its high caliber of creative writing talent. So, if you need a more experienced writer who can take your content to the next level, this is the place.

You should know, though, it isn’t free to post job ads on ProBlogger. It costs $80 for a standard job post, and if you want to get more visibility, you can opt for a featured post at $160. Both types of listings are live for 30 days.

While it may seem a bit pricey, remember you’re paying for access to a pool of writers who have a track record of delivering top-notch content.

Plus, your investment means you’re more likely to catch the eye of those seasoned freelancers who prefer job boards that screen for serious inquiries.

So, if you are after quality and are okay with the price tag, go ahead and post your job ad on ProBlogger.

4. WriterAccess

If you’re in the market for a highly professional, focused platform to find the ideal match for your writing needs, WriterAccess should be on your radar. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Specialization: WriterAccess exclusively focuses on writers. This means your writer applicants are all competing in the same space, making it easier for you to identify the best writers for your job.
  • AI Tools: They offer various AI-enhanced tools, such as a content generator, idea generator, and a persona builder, which can help shape your content strategy. There’s also an AI backlinking Matcher, great for SEO and matching businesses for link building.
  • Managed services: If you need help setting up, WriterAccess offers managed services to guide you through the process.
  • Free trial: For those unsure about committing, WriterAccess offers a two-week free trial. This gives you the chance to explore their offerings and decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.
  • Pricing: Affordability is subjective but WriterAccess’s pricing starts at $41/month. This includes integrations with Slack and WordPress, and you’ll need to add a deposit to post a job listing.
  • Advancement: WriterAccess is a platform that’s continually evolving. Its forward-thinking approach means they’re constantly refining their tools and services to deliver the best results for users.

Whether you need to create engaging blog posts, social media posts, or require strategic advice for your content strategy, WriterAccess strives to connect you with the right freelance writers to elevate your brand’s presence.

5. Textbroker

For those in search of freelance writing gigs or looking to find freelance writers, Textbroker is a platform worth considering.

Known for its simplicity and straightforward nature, Textbroker makes the content creation process a breeze for both clients and writers. Signing up is absolutely free, allowing you to explore and connect with a diverse pool of writing talent.

However, to post a job and kickstart your project, a deposit is required. This ensures commitment from both parties and paves the way for good-quality work. Textbroker effectively streamlines your search for freelance writers, providing a seamless and efficient route to top-notch content for your business.

6. Contently

Need a writer with amazing experience and a portfolio that speaks volumes? Then Contently is where you should look.

Hiring writers is one part; other than that, on Contently, you’re assigned a Managing Editor.

Now, what is this Managing Editor’s role? The managing editor is assigned to your brand and can be trained in your brand tone, style, and style guide.

Post that, this editor will act as a liaison between you and the writer. This ensures that the aesthetics, tone, and style of your brand are on point.

Whether you want to discuss strategies, need suggestions on content creation, or simply want to review the work submitted by the writer, you get a one-on-one meeting session with the Managing Editor.

As a brand, you just hire a writer then the other tasks like – training the editor, conversing strategy with them, and reviewing work – are your Contently editor’s headache.

To tell the truth, Contently isn’t just a hire freelance writer site. It’s a holistic solution to your entire content creation process. It actually sells content marketing tools a software, taking care of all content management tasks and analytics.

It’s a bit on the expensive side and can cost you around $50,000 to $2,00,000 in a year. And this is just for the software; if you go on a hiring spree of writers, strategists, or editors, then it might cost you more.

7. Flexjobs

As a recruiter here, you’ll enjoy a fully managed pool of writers to fill all positions.

No matter what domain you need a writer for, be it technical writing, health writing, or general article writing – you’ll find someone with the right expertise to hop on board.

Flexjobs offers you registered and trained writers, ready to fit your brand’s requirements. In addition, it also provides a flexible platform for remote working. This means you can connect with global talent without having to worry about geographical barriers.

But keep in mind that Flexjobs doesn’t take responsibility for any issues with the writers hired. You’ll have to conduct your own background checks and interviews to ensure a successful collaboration.

However, it is a treasure trove of writers with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. Its pricing plans for employers begin from $399 lasting for a month.

The Writer Finder (paused)

(Currently paused its writing services. Please check out the other platforms suggested here in the meantime)

If you’re in pursuit of exceptional content writers to take your writing projects to the next level, then The Writer Finder is a platform you can’t afford to overlook.

The platform prides itself on delivering high-quality, SEO-driven content that not only ranks well on Google but also connects with your target audience.

The Writer Finder matches you with 3-5 skilled writers specifically adept in your niche within three business days.

These are expert writers who have experience in niches like personal finances, SEO, technology, and more.

You’re certain to get content that wins customers, generates leads, and educates readers.

You need to invest $250 to access this database of writers, and you’ll get access to writing samples from each to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

What makes this platform powerful is that it’s by an SEO agency called Growth Machine, which is reputed for great online results.

Tips for hiring a writer

Usually, when hiring for any position, the first thing that catches your attention is the experience of a candidate.

It’s the same when you’re looking to hire freelance writers. But other than the experience, there are a few other factors you should keep in mind while hiring a freelance writer specifically.

1. Check Out The Portfolio

Checking the portfolio is a must while hiring a writer. A writing portfolio showcases the writing style, skills, and experiences of the candidate you’re considering.

It’s important to see if their writing resonates with your brand voice and if they’ve previously worked in your industry or niche.

2. Google their past work

While a writer’s experience and portfolio may seem impressive, it is always helpful to do a quick Google search on their previous writing work.

When you check out the sites they have previously written for, you can get a better understanding of their credibility.

Besides that, you should also check out the site properly and not just your prospective candidates’ writing. This way, you can assess how close or similar the style, tone, and voice of the website is to your brand.

From there, you’d be able to calculate how much you’d have to train the person if they were to be hired.

3. Test Drive

Before making a commitment to a specific writer, it’s prudent to arrange a trial project.

This ‘test drive’ approach is a strategic step in gauging whether a writer can deliver the quality of work your brand needs.

While most writers may have an impressive portfolio, it is their ability to adapt to your specific content writing requirements that will truly matter.

During this trial phase, you’ll be able to evaluate their expertise in aligning with your brand’s voice and audience. It is a crucial step, as the test drive will likely indicate the potential for a long-term, successful partnership between your brand and the writer.

4. Communicate clearly

It is essential to communicate your expectations and requirements clearly with the freelance writer before hiring them. This helps avoid any misunderstandings.

Use cloud-based tools like Google Docs to build your content brief and encourage your freelancer to write content on them, too. This way, you always have access to a detailed brief that outlines your expectations.

Furthermore, communicate about timelines and deadlines to avoid any delays or confusion in the future.

5. Build a strong relationship

Building a freelance writing career requires more than just writing skills. It involves networking, building a robust portfolio, and, often, a bit of marketing savvy. A good freelance writer will work hard to cultivate a professional relationship, too.

You, as the hirer, should also aim to build a strong relationship with your freelance writer. Keep them updated about any changes in brand voice or audience, and provide constructive feedback on their work.

A good working relationship is beneficial for both parties and can lead to long-term collaborations and successful content strategies.

Qualifications to Look for When Hiring Freelance Writers

When searching for freelance writers to craft compelling landing pages and contribute to your digital marketing efforts, certain qualifications are essential for success:

  • Experience Writing Landing Pages: Look for writers who understand the unique requirements of landing page content, including persuasive copywriting skills and the ability to drive conversions.
  • Digital Marketing Savvy: A content writer should have a grasp of digital marketing principles, know how to integrate SEO, analyze performance data, and adapt tactics for optimal reach and engagement.
  • Versatility in Writing: The ability to produce a variety of content formats—from blog posts to email campaigns—reflects a writer’s flexibility and versatility.
  • Strong Research Skills: Exceptional research abilities ensure the content is accurate, relevant, and valuable to the audience.
  • SEO Knowledge: Writers should be familiar with SEO best practices to help their content rank well in search engines and attract organic traffic.
  • English Language Knowledge: This one is a no-brainer, but you likely want a writer whose native language is English or any other language you need content in.

Other skills like having good grammar, punctuation, and so on are a given.

How to write an effective writing job post

Finding a good job board for writers is only the first step.

If you want to find experienced writers, you need to attract them with a well-written posting. Make sure you add the following details:

  • The main task, i.e., writing blog posts, social media content, or something else.
  • The general word count, tone, and any additional details.
  • The type of content (informative, promotional, etc.)
  • Your budget and payment method.
  • Any particular qualifications you’re looking for.
  • A deadline or timeline.
  • Request details about the writer’s experience, samples, and interest in your project.

Remember that as you scrutinize potential candidates, professional writers are also judging the credibility and appeal of your offer on the paid job board.

They are on the lookout for clients who communicate professionally and value their services. A well-composed job announcement sends a clear message that you are serious about finding and investing in the right talent.

Hire Writers for Any Need

With the wealth of remote workers at your disposal, the journey to find writers who can craft custom content tailored to your brand’s voice and needs has never been easier.

By leveraging different platforms and methods, you can connect with the perfect writer with the skillset to bring your vision to life.

Whether you want an SEO writer, a personal finance writer, or anyone who can do freelance work on press releases, copy editing, or web copy, you have the best freelancer marketplace listed here.

So go ahead, hire the best, create content, and you’ll generate engaging content to attract your target market.

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