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Do you want to get on board with the latest AI innovations but don’t know where to start? 

Well, thanks to AI, it’s cheaper than ever before to build your own tools. 

Why is this the case?

With the advent of AI assistants and writing apps, all you have to do is speak or write in your natural language to create content and build tools too. 

AI tools like ChatGPT can code, write entire blog posts, emails and much more. 

And now, Formwise leverages such AI technology to help you build your own tools. 

Formwise AI is a great white label tool.

In this post, I’ll show you how to leverage Formwise to grow your business.

What is Formwise AI? 



Formwise AI is a white label AI tool. It’s also a generative form builder. It works by taking the responses that your users fill in and uses your instructions to create outputs you want.

 I used Formwise.ai to create a tool that generates a content strategy with just your input. 

Watch my video below to see how I used Formwise.ai to create a form that generates a content strategy. All with just a few details from the form user!

Watch the Formwise.ai review video and see how I build two different tools in minutes.

Formwise.ai Use Cases

If you’re not sure how Formwise will help you, take a look at the following use cases. You’ll see that you can create almost any kind of tool. 

  • Business name generator
  • Domain name idea generator
  • Personality quiz
  • Content strategy generator
  • Content idea generator
  • Blog post title generator
  • Personalized recommendation tool
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Decision-making support tool
  • Lead generation tool
  • Story generator
  • Review responder
  • Wedding vow creator
  • Social media post creator
  • ‘Which personality are you’ type quizzes – for example ‘which Harry Potter or Marvel character are you?’

And so much more. If you can create a form for your needs, then you can build a tool. 


Here’s a breakdown of Formwise.ai’s features.

1. Build a white label tool for your business

With Formwise, you can easily build a form-based tool under your business name. 

In fact, you can offer a suite of tools. 

For example, if you want to build a calculator or generate ideas for your audience based on their information, you can do that easily. 

Just build the form and give instructions using your normal language. We’ll explore this in the ‘Personality’ feature.

2. Create a Personality to carry out your instructions

So, how do you get the Formwise to make you a functioning tool? 

By using the feature it calls the ‘Personality’ for your form. 

For example, I built a tool to generate a content strategy. So, I created a personality called ‘Deb the Content Marketer’. 

And I gave Instructions saying that Deb would use the input from different fields and generate blog post ideas. This would then be presented following buyer’s journey structure. 

In this way, you can build a Personality that follows any instructions. And all you need is your normal way of speaking and writing. 

Just give instructions like ‘Using the data in @q1answer and @q2answer, create a step-by-step business model that takes just 7 days’. 

3. Give instant and useful AI-generated responses

The problem with usual form tools is that you’re just given a thank you message or end up on a landing page. 

Most forms offer static results. And personality quizzes are hard to build for small businesses and individuals. Or you need to use a quizzing platform that costs a lot. 

But with a simple AI white label and form tool like Formwise, you can make any number of forms with any response you like. 

For example, with my content strategy tool, the user receives blog post titles for every stage of the content strategy. 

Similarly, you can build a form tool that generates a story, wedding vows, a blog outline, and much more. And best of all, the responses appear right away to your users if you enable this setting. Or you can have it sent to them by email. 

4. Use templates from the community marketplace

You don’t even have to build some forms from scratch. Just use one of the many templates available. The tool has community-created forms for a number of purposes. 

Just add them to your template library and use them.

5. Share your form in different ways

You can build and share your forms as a link or Formwise page. 

And you can also embed them on your website – in fact, offer a suite of tools to give your audience a full range of value-driven apps or forms. 

Add them to your email, create a redirect to your landing page, and use webhooks to take any action you like. 

6. Customize your form

Now, this is an area where Formwise.ai has limitations. It does have customization options where you can change the color of different elements. But the overall appearance is limited in terms of how modern it looks.

But you can brand your form with a background image and icons.

7. Use natural language to create anything

The real magic of this tool is that you can just instruct the tool to manage or leverage user input to create anything you like. 

And this means you don’t need to know a line of code. Speak or write the way you normally would, and the AI platform will do the rest. 


  • You can create any tool that leverage the generative ability of AI without coding or needing a team. 
  • Easy to use
  • You can generate customized responses for your user and present it to them right away
  • Build leads by having responses appear in an email or landing page
  • Use your natural language
  • No need for coding


  • Formwise AI needs to improve the user experience
  • Branding options are limited
  • Needs integrations
  • Has a slight learning curve


  • Free trial: Get data from 100 documents for free
  • Starter: $299/USD per month – 1000 documents
  • Enterprise: custom

Try Formwise AI and Build Any Tool

We’re only going to see more and more innovation and creativity with AI. 

And you want to be amongst the first to use these innovations to beat your competitors. 

Give Formwise a try and provide more value to your users. And with just a few clicks and tweaks!

Get started with it today!  

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