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Are you wondering if Wordtune is the right AI writing tool for you? 

With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to tell what to pick.

But I’m here to make it easy by sharing what makes Wordtune great and if you should subscribe to it. 

I’m a content writer with several years of experience in the field. And using AI writing assistants is part of my routine. 

Here’s my honest review: Wordtune is great for scaling and enhancing your content creation. 

As you read on, you’ll see how it can save you hours of research and make your writing sound like a seasoned writer perfected it.

How? Let’s dive in and learn.

What is Wordtune?

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The best AI-writing editor to improve the quality of your content. Use its Spices feature to enrich your content. Save time on research with the Read and Summarize function.

Wordtune says that it’s a personal AI writing assistant and editor.

Unlike ChatGPT and many other tools, it focuses on rewriting and improving your content rather than generating it from scratch.

While it does offer AI credits to generate entire blog posts, social media content, and more, it’s more geared toward improving content.

Wordtune is best used to enhance your content by expanding it, rephrasing it, adding examples, studies, etc.

6 Wordtune Features to Elevate Your Writing Skills

What strikes me most about WordTune is how it’s built to assist your writing efforts as opposed to replacing them. 

This is the tool for you if you’re focused on human-written content but want AI to make it better. And it’s the only AI tool I know that can actually find accurate studies and statistics to support your writing!

Let’s dive in and look at key Wordtune features: 

1. Spices: The Magic Button You’ll Love

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What makes Wordtune a standout amongst dozens of powerful competitors is its ‘Spices’ button.

This simple feature will make you sound like a seasoned wordsmith and save hours of research.

Just highlight a sentence or place your cursor after a paragraph and click ‘Spices’.

You get the following options to improve your content quality:

  • Statistical fact: Wordtune automatically generates a relevant statistics or studies from a real source on the internet and adds it to your document!
  • Give an example: Good writing always includes helpful examples. And the Spices feature will create useful examples to make your point clear.
  • Give an analogy: Want to compare a point you’re making with an analogy? Again, let the Spices feature take care of making this.
  • Draw Up a Historical Fact: Support your writing with an automatically generated historical fact.
  • Generate an inspiration quote
  • Explain: Let Wordtune explain a concept or idea for you.
  • Expand on: The tool will take an entire sentence and suggest ways to expand it and make it better.
  • Emphasize: Let it easily reinforce a key point you want to emphasize with an idea or detail.

These are just a few ways Spices will speed things up and make your writing better that other Artificial Assistants can’t do for you.

2. Online Editor and Document Format

Wordtune is unlike ChatGPT since you’ll work on a document rather than a chat messaging tool. 

Here, you can build your blog posts, ebooks, or other types of content. You can write, edit, and save your content in one place.

You can style them by adding bullet points, indents, heading formats (H1, H2, etc.), underlines, etc. 

This makes it the best tool for content writers and creators who need to work on large chunks of text. This is essential if you want to quickly work on your content and share it to other platforms like your blog easily.

3. Read and Summarize

Wordtune has two main functionalities, and these are ‘Write and Paraphrase’ and ‘Read and Summarize’.

The Write and Paraphrase function works like most AI assistant experiences. You get a document area to generate, rewrite, and rephrase sentences.

Then you have the Read and Summarize area you can switch to where you upload, link, or paste writing. This feature will ‘read’ the content of a PDF document, link, or copied text and summarize the content.

You’ll also get rewrite suggestions and alternative ways to improve your work.

Once again, Wordtune helps save hours of research time.

4. Chrome Browser Extension

Wordtune has two Chrome extensions: Wordtune Read and Wordtune – Writing Companion.

Use Wordtune Read, the AI-powered summary tool, to summarize entire blog posts, videos, PDFs, etc.

Instead of having to read full PDFs and posts, Wordtune will find the key points in an article fast and make your research faster.

Want to use Wordtune on Google Docs, WordPress, social media, and other places? Then you need Wordtune Writing Companion.

Easily explore fresh ways to rewrite, rephrase, expand, summarize, and more from anywhere.

5. Tones of Voice

Wordtune helps you rephrase your writing in different tones of voice.

With the click of a button, you can change between casual and formal tones and expand or shorten your writing.

6. Translation

English is not your native language? Not to worry. Wordtune can translate multiple languages, including Spanish, Arabic, French, and more, into English. And then edit the English output.

7. YouTube Video Summarizer

No time to watch long YouTube videos? WordTune can help.

The WordTune Chrome extension also acts as a transcript summary generator and a video summarizer.

This means that you can visit a YouTube video page and WordTune will give you a thorough breakdown of the main points in the video!

You can use this to study faster and build professional skills easily. Check out my list of the best YouTube video AI summarizers to pick alternatives.

And that finishes my review of its features.

Now, let’s look at other important factors.

Wordtune Pros and Cons
  • It’s one of the best AI tools for writing content
  • You get a document editor, which makes it useful for blog posts and articles
  • Save time by avoiding having to research studies, case studies, or brainstorming analogies and examples. Also, save time by using its ‘read and summarize feature’ to extract key points from a large post.
  • In-built grammar checks, plagiarism checker, and intuitive experience
  • It is not meant to replace human writers and isn’t for generating whole blog posts
  • Spices is only available on the Wordtune editor and Google Docs.


Free Plan

  • Price: Free!
  • What you get:
    • 10 rewrites and spices a day
    • 3 AI prompts a day
    • 3 summaries a day
    • Unlimited text corrections

Plus Plan

  • Price: $9.99/month
  • What you get:
    • 30 rewrites and spices a day
    • 5 AI prompts a day
    • 5 summaries a day
    • Unlimited text corrections and text recommendations

Unlimited Plan

  • Price: $14.99/month (60% off)
  • What you get:
    • Unlimited everything
    • Premium support

Business Plan

  • Price: Custom pricing for teams
  • What you get:
    • Everything in the Unlimited Plan
    • Brand tone
    • Enterprise-level security
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Centralized billing

Invest in WordTune to Transform Your Writing

If you want to sound like a good writer, then this is the artificial intelligence tool for you.

Its advanced features make it a stand-out AI writing assistant despite the competition other rewriting tools offer.

It’s simple and intuitive, and its best feature is how it saves you time while driving the best quality writing output. How? By reducing hours of research with its Spices and Read and Summarize options.

Not only that, you don’t have to restrict your writing experience to the Wordtune app.

You can use its extensions and leverage the Wordtune experience everywhere! Use it when you write personal emails, create documents on your PC, or on WordPress.

You can’t go wrong with the tool, so give it a go today!


Is Wordtune any good? Is Wordtune worth the money?

Yes. Wordtune is worth the money because it saves you time and improves the quality of your writing.

As a content writer who uses AI, I find that Wordtune helps you sound better with the Spices feature.

It also makes research easier in multiple ways: with its Read and Summarize option and the Statistical Facts option under spices.

This AI-powered writing companion is great for writing teams and media publications. But if you’re not sure, give this great tool a tryout for free.

Wordtune for Microsoft Word

Wordtune was available for Microsoft Word but is no longer supported.

Their support documentation encourages you to use its Chrome extension and the Wordtune editor itself.

Grammarly vs. Wordtune

Grammarly focuses heavily on correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes.

It also helps improve your tone voice and will give you a content score to rate how readable and ‘perfect’ your content is.

Grammarly has integrated AI and will generate content. It will take your specific instructions and rewrite your work.

However, you can’t compare Wordtune to Grammarly. Use Wordtune if you want to focus on saving research time and boosting content quality.

Use Grammarly to remove grammar mistakes and maintain your brand tone.

Hemingway Editor vs. Wordtune

Hemingway editor focuses on readability.

It helps you simplify your content, avoid jargon, the passive voice, and so on.

At present, it is developing its AI features, which will automatically correct readability errors.

Again, Hemingway Editor is very different from Wordtune. You can use the Hemingway browser app or desktop app to make content easy to read. And that’s all.

Wordtune will generate content and do much more. However, you can use both of them side by side. Create content on Wordtune and then paste it to Hemingway to ensure that your content is scannable.

Quillbot vs Wordtune

Quillbot is another AI writing platform that has multiple features to improve your writing productivity. Read my comprehensive QuillBot review to learn all about it.

It’s comparable to Wordtune, and you can start using it the free version right away.

It has a Paraphraser, which works like WordTune Rewrite to suggest alternative ways to phrase your writing.

Its exceptional features include the Translator and Citation Generator, which is useful for technical content writing teams. Quillbot also works with Microsoft Word, has Chrome extensions, and works on MacOS.

If Wordtune doesn’t work for you, then Quillbot is a good alternative.

How Wordtune Works?

Wordtune is trained on hundreds of thousands of the most powerful and ‘strongest’ content that exists. It offers a different level of quality to improve your work and will improve your writing with the power of AI. So, start your free account on Wordtune today and get writing. 

Can Wordtune be Detected?

It is possible for Wordtune output to be detected. But you have to be wary about making your content undetectable by AI-checking tools. These tools cannot accurately check if a piece of content is AI-generated or human made.

Also, never use an AI tool to replace your writing but use it to support it.

How to Use Wordtune for Free?

Just sign up for Wordtune to use it for free. You get a limited number of summaries, AI generations, and so one per day.

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