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Are you looking for the best YouTube video summarizer tool that generates accurate summaries?

With a vast number of AI tools out there, it can he hard to know what to pick.

But I’m here to help by trying out and recommending the best AI YouTube summarizer or transcript summarizing tool for you.

We’ll dive right in.

What is an AI YouTube Video Summarizer Tool?

These are tools that use AI (usually GPT-3) to analyze a YouTube video’s audio and generate a summary or transcript of the content.

Some also have text-to-speech capabilities, allowing you to listen to the summary instead of reading it.

It’s like having a personal AI assistant that does the boring job of watching whole videos and saves you time by giving you only the information that matters.

These AI YouTube summary generators often provide free summaries up to a certain limit. And if you plan to get summaries from many videos, then you need to go for powerful premium tools that will give you the power of a team of assistants working to give you information that matters.

Why Use a Video Summary Generator?

YouTube is a powerhouse learning and information center.

There are many experts on it who produce content you can’t get anywhere else.

Not to mention, you can access content for free that will help you study better, improve your business, or achieve any goal you want.

Picture yourself just a few hours before you have to submit a paper, a write-up, or attend an exam. Instead of trying to speed through a YouTube video to get what you need fast, an AI summary generator will just find what you need to know.

You learn what you need to on time and the day is saved!

A YouTube transcript and video AI summarizer does all that and more!

  • Allows you to easily understand long content without watching the entire video.
  • Saves time by quickly giving you an overview of the topic being discussed in the video.
  • Provides an organized summary that can be easily referenced and shared with others.
  • You can add notes
  • Generate summaries in different formats: bullet points, timestamped notes, paragraphs, full articles and blog posts
  • Get additional features like paraphrasers, citation generators, and more depending on the tool. Even create quizzes and flashcards to boost your learning.
  • Get inspiration for content ideas
  • Improve your performance at work, in school, and in any area of life
  • Boost your study grades
  • Build new skills faster

In this way, an AI YouTube video summarizer tool can greatly enhance your learning experience and boost your productivity.

Now, let’s dive in and find the best YouTube video AI summarizer for your needs.

The Most Accurate and Reliable AI YouTube Video Summarizer Tools

I’ve downloaded, used, and tested the following video summarizers. They’re great for getting the key points from a YouTube video’s transcripts and saving you time.

1. YouTubeDigest

YouTube Digest is one the best AI YouTube video summarizer tools to use.

YouTubeDigest is easily one of the best tools and Chrome extensions for summarizing YouTube videos.

It’s trained on OpenAI’s GPT-3 and uses natural language processing to create accurate summaries in seconds.

Simply install the YouTube transcript summarizer Chrome extension, click the icon while watching a video and you’ll get an instant summary. You can choose how you want to your summary to appear too:

  • As bullet points
  • As a whole article
  • As a short paragraph
  • A translation and more

I’ve noticed that it works better on some videos than on others. But for the most part, it does a good job of summarizing long videos and telling you what they’re about.


  • It’s available for free with some limits to how many you can generate a day

2. WordTune

WordTune is one of my favorite AI tools for summarization and paraphrasing.

It’s super convenient because it comes as a user-friendly Chrome extension. Actually, its Chrome Extension is its most powerful feature. Very few other platforms offer the functionalities it does.

You can use WordTune to generate summaries from YouTube videos with a click.

All you have to do is install the WordTune Chrome extension to access this feature.

WordTune’s Chrome extension will summarize long YouTube videos.

WordTune is free but you get a limited number of summarizations per day, but the output is exceptional.

You can then interact with the summary, improve it, paraphrase it, add ‘spices’ and more. Read my whole review of Wordtune to see what it can do.

If you’re looking for concise and coherent summaries that capture the essence of video content, WordTune is definitely worth considering. It’s a smart investment for anyone who needs regular high-quality summaries.


  • Available for free with limits (3 summaries a day)
  • Plus: $24.99 per month. Get 30 rewrites and spices a day. 5 summaries a day. Unlimited text corrections and recommendations.
  • Unlimited: $37.50 / month. Unlimited everything and premium support.
  • Business: Customized pricing. Advanced security features, branding, and dedicated support.
  • Get 60% off with annual plans.

3. QuillBot

Quillbot is one of the best paraphrasing and summarising AI tools available online. The reason why it is not at the top is that it does not have a convenient Chrome extension for YouTube video summaries.

However, if you can collect the transcript of a video and add it to Quilbot’s Summarizer panel,  you’ll get the perfect summary for your needs.

Use QuillBot’s summarizer panel to improve a YouTube summary

What makes QuillBot special is that you can finally tune how long or short you want your summary to be. Whether it should appear as an article or a set of bullet points. And if you take the premium version, you get to choose the number of synonyms it uses as well. This is a great way to avoid plagiarism too!

A good idea is to use a free YouTubet transcript summarizer to get the video transcript. And then use QuillBot to make changes.

I easily recommend QuillBot for ALL your AI summarization needs. Read my QuillBot review here.


  • Monthly: $9.95 USD billed monthly
  • Semi-Annual: $6.66 USD per month or $39.95 billed every 6 months.  (33% saving)
  • Annual: $4.17 USD per month or $49.95 every 12 months (58% Savings)

4. Mindgrasp AI

Mindgrasp is an AI learning assistant. That is, it allows you to create notes and summaries from sources like webinar recordings, Zoom meetings, web pages, PDFs, and YouTube videos.

What makes Mindgrasp incredible is that it is ‘smart’.

Imagine having your own personal professor, assistant, and mentor all rolled into one. Here’s how Mindgrasp will help you learn faster and more effectively:

  • Create ‘Smart Notes’ from a YouTube video, breaking down a subject into its key points
  • You’ll get full transcripts
  • And/Or a short summary
Get smart notes by Mindgrasp to make studying and research easier

And they have another impressive feature: You can ask questions to get a specific piece of information or an answer.

Other things you should know:

  • Mindgrasp supports 10+ languages. This means you can get YouTube video summaries even if the original video is in another language!
  • It has a Chrome Extension that will analyze any page you’re on, and you can ask it questions about the page and get answers

This tool is a must-have for those who want to learn, build skills, and do so fast.

Ask Mindgrasp to extract a specific detail from the summary instead of looking for it yourself.

Imagine opening a 1-hour video on agriculture or project management or something else. Instead of having to sit through the whole thing, Mindgrasp will not only extract the important information but also group it and give you ready notes to understand the content in a meaningful way.

Students, researchers, business professionals – you can’t afford to skip this tool.


  • Use it for free to summarize a few videos
  • Basic: $9.99 /month. Includes Q&A, summaries, flashcards, and more.
  • Scholar: $12.99 /month. Includes Chrome extension. Everything in Basic but you can’t upload multiple files.
  • Premium: $14.99 /month. Includes everything in Scholar but allows multiple file upload.

8. Summarize.tech

Summarize.tech is straightforward and simple. It’s accurate and will help get the main points of a whole video with a click.

You can just sign up and add the link to your YouTube video to its upload option.

The tool will then process the video and generate a useful summary.


  • Use for free but there are video limits per day
  • Buy Premium for $10/month and summarize up to 200 videos a month.

5. YouTube Summarized

YouTube Summarized is another impressive YouTube transcript summarizer. 

You sign up and get 200 credits for free. If you want more, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan.

What makes YouTube Summarized different is its pleasing summary display. 

It will do a good job of summarizing a video, present the key points under the right headings and highlight important quotes.

I got a fantastic breakdown of a long video about why the girl band ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ fell apart with YouTube Summarized.

Also, download the Chrome Extension to easily summarize videos right from YouTube’s web pages. Otherwise, use the web application and post the YouTube video URL on it to generate a summary. 

And that’s really all to it. If you want beautiful summaries that are accurate and well-formatted, then this is for you.


  • Use it for FREE with some limits like how many videos you can summarize
  • Essential: $9 for 10,000 Summary Credits. And summarize 30 hours of YouTube videos
  • Plus: $19 for 45,000 Summary Credits. Summarize 150 hours of YouTube videos. Plus support. 
  • Professional: $149 for 300,000 Summary Credits. Summarize 1000 hours. Get premium support and summaries.

6. Eightify App

Eightify is a unique tool for busy professionals who want to reduce the time they spend viewing YouTube.

Its name suggests what it does: it condenses any YouTube video into Insights consisting of groups with 8 key ideas each.

It works as a Chrome extension – all you have to do is add it and head to the YouTube video you want to summarize. It will show you the summary in a panel by the side of the video panel.

Get just 8 key insights that matter. You also get different categories with 8 insights each.

You should know that the number of insights you get depends on the video. The tool also organizes the key points under headings. You can also generate a summary in another tab along with the timestamps they align with.

Overall, the tool does a good job of summarizing YouTube content. And it’s great if you only want to get a few insights and no bells and whistles.

Start using it with a 7-day free trial and then opt for a paid version for unlimited summaries and translations.


  • Try for free with 7-day free trial
  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Annually: $3.99/mo

7. ChatGPT for YouTube

This tool allows you to generate a YouTube summary with ChatGPT.

All you do is download the extension and head to the YouTube video you want to summarize.

Click on the button ‘Ask ChatGPT to Summarize’ and you get a Summary and Highlights on the video.

And not only that, for some videos, you can get the transcript in various languages.

Good for simple summarizing needs.

The tool is simple and perfect if you want to get a few highlights from a YouTube transcript. 


  • ChatGPT for YouTube is completely free!

9. NoteGPT

This is a neat YouTube transcription summarizer tool that uses AI to generate the main points of a post.

Like the other tools mentioned here, you can add it as a Chrome extension and click on the ‘Transcript and Summary’ button that appears by the side of a YouTube video.

But it is visually one of the nice tools, since you get a neat light blue background and three tabs for the video transcript, summary, and notes where you can write your own key points.

It offers a small number of points as a summary. And you can play with its settings to connect with the GPT-3 API and make prompt tweaks to summarize longer videos. This might not be the best for people who want straightforward summaries with minimal tweaking.

What is the Best YouTube Video Summarizer AI Tool?

There are MANY other YouTube transcript and video summarizers that I could add to this list.

But the truth is that most of them do the same thing and are pretty good at summarizing videos using AI.

You won’t miss out on any major features no matter what you choose.

However, if you’re a regular consumer of long-form content and need solid tools to help you learn more, do research, or meet other goals, then you should consider using a top-tier summarizing tool.

Mindgrasp AI is brilliant for people who want to learn – you can even create flashcards and quizzes.

Wordtune is if you’re a content creator and marketer and want to boost the quality of your writing. And it’s the same with QuillBot.

Summarize.tech is overall one of the best tools to use. It lets you summarize a few videos for free every day and you can generate articles, paragraphs, or key points.

Whatever you choose, you’re certain to save hours a day with these YouTube summarizer online tools.


1. How to use a YouTube video summarizer?

Using a YouTube video summarizer is a straightforward process. In most cases, all you need to do is sign up for the summarizing tool.

Once your account is set, you can then leverage the tool either by copying and pasting the YouTube video link directly into the platform or, if the tool has a Chrome extension, you can generate a summary right on the YouTube video page.

This simplifies the process and makes it easy for anyone to use these summarizers to glean key insights from YouTube videos in a fraction of the original video’s time.

Also, I suggest playing around with the summary tool. You can generate points, paragraphs, and sometimes, articles. Use AI paraphrasers to rephrase a sentence based on the original video. Switch between summarizing tools to get different perspectives.

All in all, you’ll have to use these search engine optimization AI tools for yourself and see which one suits your needs best.

2. What are the advantages of using a YouTube video summarizer?

  1. Saves time: One of the biggest advantages of using a YouTube video summarizer is that it helps you save time. Instead of watching a 30-minute video, you can read the summarized version in just a few minutes.
  2. Easy to understand: These summarizers use AI to analyze the content and generate key points, making it easier for anyone to quickly grasp the main ideas of a video without having to watch the entire thing.
  3. Improves learning experience: For people who use online videos as a form of learning, YouTube video summarizers can greatly improve the overall experience. By breaking down complex concepts into simple key points, it becomes easier to retain and understand information.
  4. Helps with research: Summarizing tools are also useful for researchers and students who need to gather information from multiple sources quickly. With these tools, they can easily extract key points from videos and use them in their projects or papers.
  5. Cost-effective: Many YouTube video summarizers are available for free, making it a cost-effective solution for those who need to summarize videos on a regular basis. This eliminates the need to hire someone else for the task or invest in expensive software.

3. How do you summarize a YouTube video without transcripts?

Simple. Use one of the tools in this list.

4. What to Consider When Choosing an AI YouTube Video Summarizer?

With so many options, it’s important to know what features to look for when choosing the best YouTube summary generator for you. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Accuracy: Ensure the tool can accurately capture and summarize the video content.
  • Flexibility: The tool should offer different summary formats and lengths.
  • Cost: Consider both free and premium options, assessing the value they provide.
  • User Experience: The tool should have an intuitive design and be easy to use.

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